Lavazza Qualità Rossa

It is not a secret that I love coffee. I have discussed some other coffee products in my other articles. And it has been proven in research that it does give us some benefits when it comes to our health. Of course, anything that is too much is bad for us, same is true with caffeine. So always be mindful of how much we consume both in food and beverages.

“Una passione per l’eccellenza che rende ogni tazzina un’esperienza unica.”


What I want to talk about here in this article is Lavazza. A very well known coffee brand here in Italy.
I have tried a bunch of coffee brands but I think the one that I like the most is Lavazza Qualità Rossa.

Lavazza Qualità Rossa
Torino, italia 1895
Qualità Rossa Settimo Torinese, Italia

This coffee blend with a unique aroma and a full consistency is composed of Arabic Brasiliani and Robusta africani intensity level is 5 and it is marked as delicate. It is a golden cream and has a warm color. And it also has the aroma of chocolate and dried fruits notes. It is roasted average. I have always purchased the ground coffee blend in 250g
Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. – Via Bologna 32 – 10152 Torino – Italia

Lavazza Qualità Rossa
Torino, italia 1895

Qualità Rossa is the ideal coffee blend for the Moka coffee maker, this is a very typical coffee maker which is present in the majority of italian’s kitchen. And I love my Moka coffee maker. (I have done an unboxing video in my channel! It will be reuploaded this week! ) Coffee ground is the ideal average, neither too fine nor too thick, perfect espresso is guaranteed.

The company has been here in 120 years, found in 1895 Luigi Lavazza opens the first Drogheria Lavazza in Turin, Italy. He is surrounded by coffee of different origins and has been creating coffee blends. Luigi is a man filled with spirit of initiative, he is inventive and is passionate to his work. He discovered the origins and characteristics of each plant, coffee and studied the art of blending to satisfy each client’s taste creating various coffee blends.

This company is continued by 4 generations of entrepreneurs who went on to contribute to Luigi Lavazza’s passion and innovation.

“Si tratta di fare impresa con il cuore”

Emilio Lavazza

In 1927, Lavazza now conquers the whole province. While in 1947 they started to concentrate on selling the coffee with an evolved packaging showing the brand name. So the first logo is created and two years later, the container is a cylinder pressure lid: the first Lavazza branded can is born. In 1949, the first figurine collection came out. And the vacuum package that we see today came out for the first time in 1950. This permitted the brand to be able to distribute the product nationwide.

The first 1955 slogan of the coffe blend is: Lavazza Paradiso in tazza

1959 the first decaffeineted Lavazza came out. In 1977 Nino Manfredi, a famous italian director and actor became the face of Lavazza. He is the famous testimonial for a good 16 years.

There comes 1989 the first coffee maker was developed with a monodose capsule. A small bar is now available and Lavazza coffee is brought in an office space all around the world.

The first company site was established in Paris in 1982 and another one in Great Britain in 1990.

Il suo espresso prego..

if you miss the good, rich, creamy taste of the real italian coffee, try Lavazza espresso.. unforegttable

The advertisements in tv and print now connects italians to espresso, presenting Lavazza as the prefered coffee by the italians.

Since 2004 Lavazza has also been contributing and very active on various social responsibility projects of sustainability in south america, africa and asia like social life, economy, work conditions and protection of environment

Lavazza celebrated its 120 years anniversary in 2015.

Guys, I have always loved coffee especially for breakfast. I always tend to switch my breakfast through the week but coffee remains a constant. Aside from tea this is the hot beverage that I need to start up my day. I think I feel more energized whenever I drink a cup.

I rarely drink one in the afternoon I must be honest, because coffe for me takes effect up until the evening and I won’t be able to sleep anymore LOL! That is a fact, and that is me! I can’t say the same for other people because some drink coffee multiple times a day and they are fine and still can very well sleep at night. We are all different. But just like what I always say in all of my other artilce, anything too much is not good for us. And same is true for coffee. Studies and research say that caffeine actually has benefits for our health. Some of which are:

  • improves memory
  • decreases fatigue
  • improves mental functions
  • weight loss
  • antioxidant

For many years I even used this as a body scrub! hahahha don’t laugh! it is true though! I have created my own diy coffee body scrub and I have loved it for a time. Being an antioxidant, it also helps the skin a lot. I have had good skin days using the coffee scrub once a week. Not until I have aged and I thought that my skin has been changing and I have also developed as I have discussed in my other skincare articles, a skin issue so I had to stop the skincare routine habits I was following. I enjoyed it a lot though. And I have saved up money buying commercial body scrubs (i love body scrubs!) knowing that I can create a natural one using ingredients from the kitchen!

To finally end this article, please check out Lavazza if it corresponds to what you like in your coffee. I absolutely love this brand and Qualità Rossa is my taste. Lavazza has other coffee blends, intensity and roast that will surely cater to each one of our espresso coffee cravings.

Thank you for reading this quite a long article. Let me know your thoughts, are you a coffee-lover like me? if yes, don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up! Like and share! =)

I am gonna go ahead and share with you this coffee-lover video in which I discuss this fabulous espresso-maker from Bialetti, and yes, I used Lavazza Qualità Rossa! I hope you all coffee-lover like this!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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