Beautyblender Electric Violet Swirl

Beautyblender® Electric Violet

My beauty accessories are fundamental for me. And yes, being a make up artist they are essentials. Personally, I have switched from brushes and sponges through the years and whenever someone asks me, which is better, a brush or a sponge? I always say: it depends on whichever makeup product you use.

Beautyblender® Electric Violet 

This is a beauty sponge I have always loved. I have tried a bunch of variants and most of them are very functional.

beauty blender swirl is the last sponge I had and now I am ready to let it go because it begins to show wear out and molds too.

During the pandemic I stopped wearing make up that is why this sponge lived inside my drawer for almost a couple of years. (don’t judge me! hahahah) Just half of the year 2021 I started to use it more regularly like I used to.

I will definitely classify this with the likes of beauty blender pro which is my favourite out of all of them. I just think that all beauty blender sponges apply liquid foundations very flawlessly. This in particular is so soft! I love it. This is electric violet and the color is also really fun.

When I did my research on their website, it only shows electric violet. And it seems to me that Swirl is not available anymore. So I assume this was a limited edition.

I found out that the material is aqua-activated™ so the sponge obviously grows when wet. When it is wet, the super soft material provides an even, smooth blend and bounce.

I like that it has a round surface and a tip edge. I really love how it bounces when I apply my foundation on a large area of my face and the other tip edge is what I use to blend my concealer.

Beautyblender® Electric Violet 
make up sponge

Another thing that Iike to emphasize is that it didn’t give me any problems on my skin. You all know how I have always said I have a very sensitive skin. That is why I am mindful of the stuff that touches my face.

Although the product description said that the colors are non-toxic and water-soluble dyes. it says it may shed dye for a couple of washes but once the water is squeezed the excess dye is removed. I believe I haven’t experienced that at all, so no issues there.

Beautyblender is recommended to all skintypes, cruelty free and vegan. It is made in USA

They recommend to replace the sponge every 3-6 months. And I think that might be the longest I have ever kept my sponges even longer I guess especially when I don’t use them a lot. That is what I noticed with mine, it just lost its bounce and molds started to form.

Get the base right. No one should say “oh, your foundation looks good.” Instead, people should be saying, “Wow, your skin looks incredible.”

Rea Ann Silva, Founder

The founder of this company is Rea Ann Silva, a hollywood make up artist who has been in the industry for 20 years. This make up sponge changed the make up game promising high definition look on camera.

She has won beauty awards and the the Beautyblender sponge became a tool for a perfect complexion, minimum effort yet maximum results.

Overall, I think that this sponge is phenomenal. Although I don’t agree with the price point, I mean, it is a sponge LOL so that is the reason why I have always bought this on sale or maybe just use any discounts because it is really hard to justify the price. Although I think it is worth it and also for the duration of the usage. I did had a bad experience with another variant which lasted not even a month. OMG I know. But with this Swirl, I like it like most of them.

Thank you so much for reading, I will see you on my next video.



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