Aloe Vera Drink

As the warm 40 degrees summer continues, I also want to continue talking about drinks.

It is important for us to hydrate, guys! be mindful and keep going and stay healthy!

Aloissima Aloe Vera 30%
30% aloe vera

This is not the first time I have encountered this product

And the first time I got this it was from another brand and the packaging is in a can.

Lotte Aloe Vera Classic
I drank this as a post-workout drink and I loved it! I wasn’t still taking protein drinks back then

This is from Lotte and it has the same freshness as Aloissima.

And so I decided to share this with you in an article here in my blog just to talk about a little bit of my thoughts and some information that I found about Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera is a very well-known plant for its purifying and antioxidant properties. Aloina is the active ingredient derived from the leaf peel which is a natural laxative. It stimulates liver activity. And it helps the liver expel excessive liquid.

the main benefits of Aloe Vera are:

  • natural anti-ageing, this is due to its anti-oxidant properties
  • antibacterial, because of Aloina and Haloetico acid
  • immunostimulant, it strengthens immunitary defense
  • reduces inflammation especially on our muscles
  • purifies and detoxifies, it eliminates harmful substances from our body
  • natural healing, internal healing for ulcers as well as external healing for burns and it helps regenerate epithelial tissues
  • helps in digestion and intestinal activity, like stomach problems, intestinal bacterial flora, colon activity, and regulates stomach ph as well
Aloissima 30% aloe vera

This boasts to be 30% aloe, no preservatives and dyes, and gluten-free!

Aloissima 30% aloe vera
nutritional value

Ingredients as written on the packaging:

  • aloe vera pulp and gel 30%
  • water
  • fructose
  • acid correctors: citric acid, sodium citrates
  • calcium lactate
  • honey
  • aroma: aloe, grapes and honey
  • antioxidant: ascorbic acid
  • stabilizer: gum freeze

Nutritional value per 100ml product:

-Energy 35kcal

-Fats 0g – saturated fats 0g

-Carbohydrates 8,7g -sugar 8,6 g

-Protein 0g

-Salt 0,02g

Aloissima 30% aloe vera

When I first saw this drink, I had the comparison with Lemon and ginger water. I have always thought that this is flavored water but I guess, it is more like a juice and I like it more to be honest. As you can see, it has more pulp and gel, so it more flavorful than water. And I like it more as it is a refreshing drink without too much sugar, I cannot taste any sweetness at all. Although it has carbohydrates which is very present on the nutritional value unlike the others with practically 0 value. So that is a plus. In fact, the nutritional value says it all. So if you are curious to try it, I guess it is safe. But like most of the drinks I have to point out that too much aloe vera is also not good, it might be a laxative, so be aware of that. If you just drink the proper amount, it is all good and safe I guess.

So there you have it. I hope this helps a little bit. And if you are looking for something else rather than the usual juice drink, I highly do recommend this.

As always, thank you for reading, and see you on my next article! Ciao!



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