Chewy Vitamin C

Equilibra Vitamin c
chewy tabs

I have featured some vitamins by now here in my blog. Ever since I have started to be mindful of my routine, workout and exercise I went ahead and tried to take some to be able to help my body. And I think so far they have been very helpful for me. I never got sick so far ever since.

It is not a secret that I have been taking vitamin c effervescent tabs, in fact I have featured a couple of brands here in my blog. And now in this article, another form of vitamin c is what I am taking aside from the tabs. This is from the brand called EQUILIBRA®. this is vitamin c in a chewy tab form with orange aroma.

Vitamin c has been well-known to be useful for our well-being:

  • it contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • reduces fatigue
  • protects cells from oxidative stress
  • it increases iron absorption

This is another spin to the effervescent tabs and I like this version as well. It has a pleasant orange taste, I really enjoy taking this everytime, I feel like a kid again! hahaha It is easy to take like candy lol even without water is what I mean. Therefore this is highly concentrated and accurately dosed, too.

Equilibra Vitamin c
chewy tabs

If you go to their website, you won’t find this packaging, I don’t know why, I am not sure if they have discontinued this. Because the one that I found is the mini bottle of 500mg. But I imagine it has more tabs in it and in fact the dosage is a tiny bit higher.

1 chewy tablet from this format has 250mg of vitamin c, equivalent to 312% of daily needs. It is adviced to take 1 tab a day preferably in the morning.

I do take this during lunch actually, but it doesn’t matter I guess. And I will be honest, I don’t take this daily. I am careful because I do take other vitamins as well. Disclaimer: it is just me. It didn’t say you can’t take it with something else. I believe vitamins do complement each other and you can actually take them all at the same time. But this is just me based on my routine. I do switch this up with the effervescent tabs which of course is another dose of vitamin c. So I just make sure I take one or the other, not daily but every couple of days. The instruction is very clear that it is ok to take one tab a day, it is up to you.

On their website, it says it contains ‘polialcoli’- sugar alcohols, so just be mindful because exaggerating with consuming it might have a laxative effect. So that is what I mean, when I say I have always been careful with what I take. Even with medication unless I am truly sick I won’t take anything at all. I prefer to go natural like drinking chamomile tea or drinking water or something like that. So when I started taking vitamins, I brought that cautiousness with me. Although of course medication and vitamins are two separate items.

In my opinion, you just have to learn to listen to your own body. If you feel that a tab a day is making you feel uncomfortable for some reason then just take it according to your needs. And just like all supplements, you have to have a healthy diet because this won’t replace good food intake.

It says that this is all 100% natural. I mean, I appreciate that of course! Vitamin c is derived from fruits like:

  • rosehip 325 mg- vit c is 228 mg
  • acerola 40 mg- vit c 20 mg
  • camu camu 8mg- vit c 2mg
Equilibra Vitamin c
chewy tabs
100% natural

Equilibra brand was established in 1987 in Turin, by engr. Franco Biano. This is a historical italian company which became very well-known in the nutrition and wellness sector.

For the brand, Nutrition becomes passion. Equilibra® products are dedicated to anyone who wants to take care of their health and their beauty in a natural way, which brings quality to innovation and price. I mean, I can totally relate with that. I am all for ‘natural’.

In this way Equilibra® became a choice of trust, boasting products suitable for every stage of life. It is easily available in small neighborhood shops and large supermarkets. The company made sure to support consumers for every need.

To date, Equilibra® is the Italian leader in a large-scale distribution in the food supplements sector, with a significant market share in terms of both volume and value.

With the acquisition of Syrio in 2008, it also entered the pharmacy channel with the excellence of its products, food supplements and cosmetics. Yes, they also have beauty products. And I guess that is awesome.

You all know my blog has ‘phases’ (where the name Fase Beauty is derived) because I believe in all phases of beauty: like the outer and inner beauty. So I truly believe that we should take care of ourselves inside and out.

True well-being comes from respect.

“Respect your Nature” is the manifesto of the brand.

It is a simple and a direct message that tells an idea of ​​well-being that starts first of all from respect for how we are, and which translates into the choice of our products- made mainly with natural ingredients and be able to respect our body.

And with that, I will end this article. I love that manifesto, you guys. This brand captured my attention and I am glad to be able to try out their products. It resonates to me so well. I had fun writing this. If you ever come across this product or any item from this brand, please do try them, they are also very affordable, and clearly, made in Italy. I truly appreciate this chewy vitamin c, it is fun and at the same time really good for your health.

As always, thank you for reading, I will see you on my next article! Take care, guys! Don’ forget to take your vitamin c!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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