Malizia Bonbons

Feel free to dream. Lucky U, the fragrance with the right energy to achieve all desires.

For sunny and bright teenagers, who go in search of fresh tastes and bright colors, here are the Bon Bons by Malizia: not only perfumes with delicious and captivating fragrances, but real cult objects to collect. Fun and impactful graphics, each Eau de Toilette embodies a world of exciting sensations and aroma to discover.

Malizia Bon Bons Lucky u 
eau de toilette
50ml spray

Malizia is a brand which belongs to a company called Mirato. It is born in 1960 during the economic boom period.

Corrado Ravanelli, the president of the company has started production and commercialization of an innnovative product for the italian market: which is a hair spray called Splend’or which became an immediate success within the consumers and the rest is history…

Malizia was launched in the 1980s. It is a brand of body care mainly deodorants. the market for Malizia is for young women. the popular ad recites the jingle: Malizia profumo d’intesa.
When 1990 hits, Malizia came out with a new line dedicated to men: Intesa Pour Homme. This consists of face and body care specific to men who are into sports.
In 1997 Intesa Sex-Unisex came out, deodorant line which caters for both men and women.

Finally in 1998, Bon Bons Malizia is born. It is a line of eau de toilette targeting the young. Because they realize that this age group is not catered with the other Malizia product line. Bon Bons completes Malizia’s offer to all age groups and gender.

Starting the year of 2000. Mirato evolved once again, made lots of expansion by acquisition and production of other beauty brands like: Clinians, Geomar, Breeze, Glicemille, Nidra, and Provenzali.

Mirato’s philosophy has always been about beauty. Since the 1960’s , they dedicate all their energy in this sector.

They have targeted all consumers in 360 of each individual’s needs, men and women, kids and grown-ups, oriental and west

For them, beauty is a way for people to find confidence to go on and work their way up to the challenging direction.
The company wanted to satisfy th einfinite request of each person with the goal of finding the best version of themselves. to be available for all while respecting different cultures, background and environment.

It is proudly italian but at the same time, very versatile to the international community by being able to cater to various and specific need of each individual.

this way, their success of being one of the leader in the beauty sector because of each clients’ satisfaction. flexibility, innovation, rpogression and segmentation of each internal brand. They were able to abide by new trends by refining their technicalproduction, and constant attention to the quality of products, efficient marketing and that is why they are so successful and important in the industry.

Proud to be made in italy,

I am so blown away, guys. I never thought that Malizia is only a tiny portion of such a big company. Whenever I write articles, I actually learn a lot. And this is why I am really glad I created my blog.

And yes to Mirato’s philosophy. I appreciate companies who creates beauty products, keeping in mind that they have various consumers and therefore lots of items to choose from…

What can I say about Bon Bons? I liked it. I am almost done now. I am about to finish it. it is nothing much, the scent is very simple actually. This is an eau de toilette so don’t expect a long-wearing fragrance. This is sweet but not too overpowering and I like it that way. The packaging is really cute and it is a small 50ml bottle which is easy to carry in your bag if you want to. And the theme of each variant is really young-ish LOL hhahhaha you can actually see that the line targets young consumers because of the cuteness of all the bottles, the design and also the names. Well, I don’t mind feeling young hahahaha This is just something that I purchase that I can spray on my clothes mainly, so that they remains fresh when I am out especially with the heat of the summer. I just think it is nice and fresh. And I really didn’t want to spend that much on perfume for now. I still have a couple that I have that I want to enjoy more without pressure.

So I had a good experience about it. It is just ok for me. If you want to try it, let me tell you that this is also affordable so go ahead, no pain in your pockets =P Malizia is available in all local supermarkets and it is not hard to find.

i hope you like this article as always, I’ll see you on my next one!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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