Brand new phase

Today is a special day. And I can’t believe I have reached another “Fase” in my life.

Fase is the italian word for phase and I have always associated beauty with the various moon phases. In a book that we used back at the make up school, there is a chapter that tackles about lighting in photography as something important for makeup. Just like the moon. Each phase brings out the beauty of the moon. The light becomes dispensable for make up to be enhanced in each feature of the human face.

Thus, the name I chose Fase Beauty.

Another meaning behind it is the different facets that beauty has. Both inner and outer beauty comes not only with make up, skin care, hair care but also body care. It is true that what we eat and drink reflects our outer appearance.

When I have faced a great challenge regarding my health, I know I cannot just ignore it. My body is talking to me and I have to listen.

Now, fast forward to today, I am facing a brand new stage in my life and thus I shall continue to to push more to improve my inner health and being.

And I am glad I’m not twenty anymore…

Ageing is a gift, and I am happy to be here in this stage of my life in which I can care more about my overall health. As I go along thru life, I have learned that beauty comes in many phases in many forms. I appreciate myself more in all of my phases. And I know now that I don’t have to be slim, I don’t have to add weight, I just want to be strong and healthy.

My only wish is to have more time to take care of myself and be happy to be able to in turn, take care of my loved ones. I wish to fulfill the passion and purpose I have in this world and to be able to share what I can.

Fase beauty
Karen Obim
Brand new
Brand new me 🙂
new hair color by Viscontini Hairdressers

Thank you for being a part of this blog Fase Beauty. I appreciate you.

Thank you for reading my articles. I hope I have helped in my own little way to add to your learning and knowledge.

Always remember to smile… and most of all:

Stay beautiful!



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