Nivea moisturizing mask

I have always wanted this to be constant in my skin care routine but it’s kinda hard. This is always been something I am cautious about because of my sensitive acne-prone skin. And so I always need to meditate before trying out masks hahhaha. LOL!

I have tried a bunch in my 20s. Some did make my skin better some I had problems with. So in the end I didn’t find the righ tone for me and so i decided to just plainly removed it from my skincare.

Nivea refreshing face mask
Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Normal and combination skin
15 ml sachette

I don’t know why but lately I have been in a search for a mask that I can apply on my face. It’s been awhile and to be honest I still have sensitive skin but I don’t get much pimples anymore just like I used to. I think I am now more confident to try products compared in the past. And I found this at Acqua e Sapone where I shop my toilettries.

This is from Nivea. You all know that I am currently using the Nivea sun as my sunscreen protection. That is where I think that maybe this will also suite my skin. I only picked up one sacchette which is double actually so I got two.

The main ingredients tha Nivea is most proud about in almost all of their products are:

Hydra IQ: for intense moisturising and refreshes the skin

Aloe vera and vitamin E: the skin is hydrated and the skin is regenerated. these two ingredients make the skin fresh and soft.

This is targeted towards normal and combination skin. I am actually more oily than having combination skin. But I went ahead all the same. Aloe vera really got me LOL. But it is advised to not apply this near the eyes and the lips.

Nivea refreshing face mask
Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Normal and combination skin

There is nothing much on the description on their website. It is just a simple hydrating mask and I like that it is basic that I can apply very easily.

I just make sure that my skin is clean before applying this mask and I leave it for 10-15 minutes, it can be removed using a tissue but I do wash this away because I apply this before taking a shower and I use it at least twice a week. But I took a note, because I usually don’t leave this on for more than 10 minutes. I immediately noticed that my skin is starting to itch by the time of over 10 minutes, and that is my personal experience, again, having a sensitive skin, please make sure that you listen to your skin, guys. Always do a patch test. That I have been doing ever since, on creams, masks, scrubs and all the other detergents. If you think that trying a skincare product on a small part of your skin and then you notice an itch or a burn, just don’t use it, trust me, immediately your skin is telling you it is not gonna be a good one.

Nivea refreshing face mask
Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Normal and combination skin
I transfered the first sachette in the sephora container so it is easier for me to conserve it

So that is my experience about this mask. I am glad I’m able to try it. It’s really simple, if you want something easy that doesn’t take your time. Maybe I will purchase it again, maybe… I still want to continue using it until I finish the whole pack before my conclusion. I don’t think I will recommend this for those who have sensitive skin, that is for sure. Again, just make sure, you don’t leave it on for over the designated time. As of now, I am liking the after result. Whenever I use this, and then I take a shower, afterwards I do feel a difference. I feel that my skin is really smooth and soft. And that leaves me with a positive thought. I’m gonna continue to use it definitely.

By the way, hello October! And I hope you all have a wonderful autumn season!

Thank you so much for reading. I will see you on my next article! Ciao everyone!



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