Vegetarian Steak

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This is another product from a brand that I have already shared with you in the past.

And I came across this other food item that I got excited and just went ahead and bought it. It is really good, and I like it a lot, it really does taste like steak! but… plant-based.

This is for all of you vegetarians out there. Again I am so thrilled with this yummy discovery!

Vegetarian steak
Vegetarian steak
nutritinal value

Nutritional Value

  • Energy 188kcal
  • Fats 9,5 g saturated fats 1,2g
  • Carbohydrates 4,0g sugar 0,5g
  • Fibers 1,2 g
  • Protein 21 g
  • Salt 2,2 g


  • Water
  • soy protein 13%
  • sunflower seed oil 9%
  • soy flour 7%
  • egg white 5%
  • starch
  • aroma
  • salt
  • yeast
  • onion
  • dextrose
  • wheat gluten 0,3 %
  • garlic
  • preservative: potassium sorbate

Just like most of vegetarian food items I have shared with you, this contains soy, wheat and eggs. Also some traces of celery and mustard. So if you are allergic to these, just be informed.

I have prepared this in pan. It is very easy! You will see some red flecks, I added some spicy chili! yum!

I am always very excited everytime. I hope this will give you any idea of the existence of these vegetarian food items. That if you live this lifestyle and you are very careful about the stuff that you eat and of course, if you love veggies, you have a lot of choices!

Thank you so much for supporting this series in health and diet. And this is not the end. I still might discover and will surely try to find more!

See you on my next article!



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