MAC Prep + Prime Fix +

I have a love hate relationship with this product. I might contradict myself because I like it but at the same time I don’t hahahahah

By the way, I am talking about this MAC product called Prep + Prime Fix+
I have the mini version at the moment and yes I did have the full size botttle in the past which have lived in my kit for a time. This is one of MAC’s best selling products.

It is a face spray for soothing and refreshing the skin- preppinh it before applying make up. And not only that, this can also be used in the end once you are done doing make up.

I have bought this mini because, guys, I tried to like it but my skin just doesn’t. I didn’t want to repurchase the full size one and then it would just sit there in my vanity.

And yet, this mini is just hard for me to finish!
I know in my heart I will never reach for this ever again and I struggle because I don’t know how else I can use this because everytime
I spray this on my face, I b-r-e-a-k o-u-t!!!

It’s just so horrible you guys, because I know this product, I know it does amazing stuff on the face but unfortunately it isn’t for me.

I have freelanced in the past and yes I have been at the make up school so I am actually a make up artist. As you all know, this website was my make up service website that I turned into a blog.
I don’t freelance anymore and some of the remaining products from my kit I pulled out, some I gifted and some I used for myself. So i know when make up is valid or high quality, I know if it works for clients or not.

I was very happy this was part of my kit back then but I really can’t use it for myself. MAC has established itself as the go-to professional make up brand for artists and it is incredible to me that I can’t use most of the products! There is something in the ingredients, mostly face products that irritate my skin. Unfortunately prep + prime is one of the no nos for me.

Based on the description on their website, this is a lightweight spray rich in vitamins and minerals, infused with green tea, camomile, cucumber best for soothing and refreshing delicately the skin.

It is practically a hydrating liquid! (instead of the usual hydrating cream).

It provides instant hydration, soft luminosity to refine make up.
They actually point out that it can also be used with other products in infinite ways, to better the make up, to make it last and to hydrate the skin.

soothes the skin
make up last for up to 12 hours

dermatologically tested
ophtalmologist tested

doesn’t flares up acne
-well, this for me is a fail!

I don’t want to say this to make you afraid to try the product. If you want to of course you can, you do you. Maybe just be mindful or read the ingredients just to be sure. And it is not a secret why I discuss a lot of skin care products here in my blog because I have sensitive skin, and now diagnosed with eczema- an atopic skin type.

It really saddens me in a way because I love MAC products like what I said I know the quality. They work well with a lot of people. But this spray is not for me.

This spray can be used alone on the face even if you are not applying make up. It is also used as a finishing make up spray. Fixes the base products like powder foundation or any other powdered base make up products, to make the skin look hydrated and not powdery.

Here is another thing that I want to point out about this product, you guys. This is a trick that we have been using at the make up school.
We pick up the eyeshadow or pigment using the brush and spray it with prep + prime and then proceed to applying it on the lid for an intense color.
I mean, it’s amazing. I just.. this is why I know how a make up product is when I see one with good quality.

But even then, I just am too afraid to use it. It also says it is ophtalmologist tested but eyes are eyes. yes I did try it on my lid and it didn’t cause any irritation or anything like that but it is just me. It is all in the mind and I am just paranoid LOL

I hope that this didn’t sound so negative that just because the product didn’t work for me it is already a bad one. That is absolutely not the case. Of course to the extremes, I will tell you if I know that something isn’t right but again, this is just based on my experience and we are all different.

If you want to try it out first, I suggest you buy the mini version and if you like it go for the full size bottle.

I hope this little reflection helped you. Thank you for reading! See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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