Vegan Meatballs

I already have featured in one of my articles this brand which offers vegan and vegetarian food items. It is such a good find and I am so thrilled to try the other goodies.

They are kinda cute, because they are so tiny. It is not the usual size because they are minis! These are pumpkin and carrot meatballs!!! wow guys! wow!
I haven’t even imagined being able to taste something similar to meat.
It is very light on the stomach I didn’t have any problems at all. I love both veggies anyway. The color and sweetness is just right! It can be eaten as simple as it is or an ingredient to your recipes and meals mainly appetizer.

For all the vegetarians out there, this has high protein content, no soy at all so it is kinda new because most of the vegan food items I have tried have soy in them

It can be prepared using the oven or the pan.

pumpkin and carrot meatballs
high protein 
soy free 

Let’s look at the ingredients:

  • Pumpkin 40%
  • restructured and rehydrated pea flour
  • sunflower oil
  • type “0” soft WHEAT flour
  • carrots 6%
  • WHEAT gluten
  • onion
  • potato flakes
  • tapioca starch
  • pea fiber
  • parsley
  • 1% pumpkin powder
  • pea starch
  • vegetable broth preparation [salt, corn starch, yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables in variable proportions (onion, CELERY, carrot, parsley), extra virgin olive oil, turmeric]
  • salt
  • natural flavoring
  • aromatic plants
  • brewer’s yeast
pumpkin and carrot meatballs
high protein 
soy free 
nutritional values


Average values per 100g

Energy 260 kcal
Fat 15 g of which saturated 1.6 g
Carbohydrates 16 g of which sugars 2,4 g
Fiber 2.4 g
Protein 14 g
Salt 1.1 g

This is how they look like as I cooked them in a pan. The color is really nice. it looks good and yummy =)

Of course I already ate some that is why the after photo remained few LOL

Guys, if you ever find this brand- no actually, not even the brand, just the food item itself, I promise you it is really delicious and of course healthy. The ingredients are listed so you can check out what is inside. And if you are attentive to nutrition, everything is listed too. So this is a thumbs up for me. And it is also really easy to cook when I am in a hurry!

Thank you so much for reading, guys I hope this has been interesting to you as it is for me. Stay healthy! See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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