RCMA Make Up Palette

This has always been a favourite.. And I guess when one works with a lot of clients, this will always be something that one would prefer to take inside a kit. It is an every make up artist’s dream foundation palette. It has a variety of shades and tones and very compact to carry. The formula is amazing, creamy, easy to blend and long wearing.

Vincent Kehoe – 18 Part Foundation/Concealer palette – #10

This palette is not only a foundation but also a concealer as well so I think that this is all worth the money.

I did use this on myself a bunch of times, and my skin looks flawless, guys. The fact that I have problematic skin which is not a secret, you are all aware of that. It just practically smooths out everything!

Because you have a variety of 18 shades in one palette, you can just mix the colors that you need in order to create the right shade for your skintone.

And that is another thing that I guess makes this palette worth every penny. Even if you are not a make up artist, I still think that this can be a personal everyday make up item.

RCMA Make Up
Vincent Kehoe - 18 Part Foundation/Concealer palette - #10

Palette Includes the following shades:

  • KO-1
  • KO-2
  • KO-3
  • KO-4
  • KO-5
  • KO-6
  • KO-7
  • KO-8
  • KT-1
  • KT-2
  • MB-1
  • MB-2
  • MB-3
  • MB-4
  • MB-5
  • MB-6
  • MB-7
  • MB-8
RCMA Make Up
Vincent Kehoe - 18 Part Foundation/Concealer palette - #10

Vincent Kehoe – 18 Part Foundation/Concealer palette – #11

Palette Includes:

  • Sh-1
  • Shinto-2
  • Shinto-3
  • Shinto-4
  • Shinto-5
  • Shinto-6
  • Shinto-7
  • Shinto-8
  • Porcelain
  • Ivory
  • Gena Beige
  • Tantone
  • Olive-1
  • Olive-2
  • Olive-3
  • Olive-4
  • S-1
  • CS-2

Both palettes has a Size: Net Wt. .39g   Palette Measures 6.3″ x 4″ x 0.5″

RCMA: The Research Council of Makeup Artists

This is an organization for make up professionals in film television and stage industries. It is founded by renowned make up artist Vincent JR Kehoe. He developed this foundation formula which can be used for professional make up artists.

Another amazing thing is that RCMA products are all vegan and cruelty-free!

Using these palettes, I will also testify that this is high quality and consistent to its performance. I love that I am able to use it for myself having a sensitive problematic skin I am picky about base products. There are other brands that I know are quality products yet I can’t use them personally. So for me, this is ten stars LOL! not five, but ten!

Make up artists will tell:

“RCMA is the professionals’ makeup!” 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.


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