Aveeno Dermexa emollient body wash

This is the emollient body wash from Aveeno Dermexa which can be paired with the emollient cream.

I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin after shower. It has no scent at all which is what I like about my skin care products because of my sensitive skin I do avoid fragrance. As I have mentioned, this is a product targeted specifically for dry skin types and atopic- prone skin.

More than the emollient cream I believe this has improved my skin a lot. I don’t experience itchiness anymore. The oats are fabulous, it truly does wonders on my skin. If you want to know more about oats, check out this article:

This is a discovery guys. I have always known Aveeno to be a baby brand and it is amazing that they also have a line which caters to skincare not only for infants and babies but also for adults. And another tidbit, it is part of Johnson & Johnson S.p.a.!

Out of all the body washes and detergents I have tried this is probably the one that I will purchase again. Even during this half cold half warm season LOL fall season, I mean, I don’t have to worry about my skin itching up again. I can definitely use this for both my face and body because it is really gentle. I can compare this with all of the other body washes, though they are all good, and I stand by my affirmations in all of my other articles, I truly feel that this is the best because of the long-term effects on my eczema. This is the only way to combat this problem, to prolong the acute stage ad prevent the flares.

So if you want to try this out, please do. It has the same pricing as all of the other farmacia prices and it is worth it. The only hassle is that not all farmacia carry this, at least here in my city so I am yet to find a farmacia to which I can go for my Aveeno supply. (I ordered this on amazon because I really couldn’t find it). If it is available in your city, lucky you!

If you have arrived here at the end, again thank you for reading and I hope this helped a bit especially for those who have skin problems like mine. See you on my next article! Ciao!



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