Nars Duo

This particular mini make up item is now discontinued unfortunately. It is the only blush and bronzer that I own for a bunch of years now. And I think I am coming close to changing this as you can see I have a large pan on the bronzer now.

Nars Blush Bronzer Duo

I originally purchased this just to be able to try the formula. And yes, the shades are still available because they are part of the permanent collection even thought this mini is not. I have always seen Nars powder as a favorite to almost everyone. That is why I got intrigued.

These are the two best selling powders of the brand:

Laguna bronzing powder

Orgasm blush

Nars Blush Bronzer Duo

Nars blushes are very iconic, especially this particular blush called Orgasm. Nars have created Orgasm version both liquid, cream and powder blushes. I was really curious. And because it is very well-known I wanted to try it out for myself. It is a shade rose peach with little golden flecks. It is quite unnoticeable but when the light touches the face, that is when it is more apparent. It’s really beautiful. At first I was worried about it. I’d rather have a matte blush with no shine or flecks but it is incredible how this shade is just so flattering. I have no perfect skin and I prefer mattes when it comes to complexion products. But even if I don’t have flawless skin it didn’t emphasize the pores and imperfections on my face.

I like pink blushes, and again this shade is perfect for me. Rose color and peach and is very natural. I think they say that this also suites every skin tone so for makeup artists this is a precious make up item.

This blush is blendable and buildable. To be honest I don’t like blushes that are very strong. I don’t want a super punchy rosey cheeks. So I appreciate that I can build it up according to my liking. It can be blended beautifully from very suttle to intense color.

Another thing that impressed me is the longevity. I have oily skin, guys. I always say this in almost all of my beauty articles. And it is hard to find the right formula for face products hat will last me for a long time. This is one of those products that do and that is one of the things that I look for in make up. I think that the lasting power is important to majority of us who work long hours, or maybe people who goes out to events. I think that is the best thing about this blush for me. I am not a blush on girl so I really appreciate one good blush and for me it is enough I don’t need much.

The other powder is the best selling bronzer powder Laguna. I am particularly impressed with the blush but in the beginning I couldn’t say the same thing with the bronzer. After using it more often I come to like it a lot. I just think that it is tricky because you have to have the right make up brush for this. I have some that doesn’t pick up the product really well that is the reason why I had difficulty at first. So I discovered that not all brushes is appropriate to use.

In the end, I panned the bronzer faster than the blush LOL! But like what I said I am not into blushes. I’d rather pick a bronzer and a contour powder just to have a little color on my base. So it is not surprising that I have used the bronzer more.

There are other 3 shades from light to dark and this is the medium shade.

Now my aim is to pan the blush as well and I would be ready to let this go. It is getting old and it has served its time. I really enjoyed it and I must say this mini is one of the best make up items I have tried!

Anyone who works at the makeup industry knows who François Nars is. He is a professional make up artist, photographer, founder and creative director of Nars Cosmetics.

Founded in 1994, Nars Cosmetics came out with a set of lipsticks on their launch. He pushes the beauty philosophy of having no rules. I respect that and as an artist, yes, I did learn that there are certain rules that we follow when we do other people’s faces, but in the end what matters is what the client wants and that we are all free to express ourselves on how we do our make up I firmly believe that. And I have always said that for me make up is an art,

François Nars

Express yourself. Make up should fit who you are.


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