I have another sweet for you which is not necessarily healthy like the one in my previous article. But I just want to feature this all the same because this is a sweet treat which is never going away from my favorite list!

Classic Polvoron

Polvoron is another snack from my origin country, Philippines. Just like Choc-nut, I grew up with this delicious treat that I have loved since I was a kid. The word came from Spanish “polvo” which literally means dust. It’s texture is actually dusty and crumbly so the name is really fitting. (very similar texture to Choc-nut) https://fasebeauty.com/2022/12/09/choc-nut/

It is a shortbread made of toasted flour and milk. It now comes with lots of flavours as it can be personalized according to each filipino’s taste.


  • Wheat flour
  • skim milk powder
  • refind sugar
  • vegetable shortening (hydrogenated palm oil, coconut oil)
  • butter flavor

Please be mindful if you are allergic to wheat and milk which are practically the main ingredients of this sweet treat.

As you can see on the photos, the nutritional value is as follows:

Classic Polvoron

each piece is 27g

  • calories 130kca
  • total fat 6g saturated fat 5g
  • cholesterol less than 5mg
  • sodium 20mg
  • potassium 80mg
  • carbohydrates 17g sugar 7g
  • protein 3g
Assorted Polvoron

the multiflavor box contains:

  • classic
  • cashew
  • coffe crumble
  • peanut
  • pinipig
  • cookies n cream
  • ube
  • choco covered
Assorted Polvoron
Assorted Polvoron

Goldilocks is a well-known bake shop in the Philippines which produces these lovely snack for years now. And they are the primary producers of Polvoron, although I believe that some small businesses sell them too. Polvoron is unique as there are no similar sweets like this here in Italy. (I have given this to my italian friend and he likes it a lot. He says these snacks are yummy and no italian pastry shop sells this type of pastry.)

The bakeshop is the fruit of hardwork of sisters who collaborated because of their love for good food back in 1966. On their website, the name of the founders are not mentioned but as of to date, Goldilocks has expanded into a huge number of stores all over the country and also internationally, not only in Asia, particularly Thailand but also in USA and Canada.

The brand’s values reflect the Filipino family tradition: thoughtfulness, care, love for family and excellence. This is the reason why it became the most popular “pasalubong” when you go to the Philippines for a vacation.

Goldilocks offer a variety of food snacks, not only polvoron. From desserts, cakes, traditional filipino snacks, bread up until recently they have filipino dishes too.

I like treating myself with sweets from time to time. And the truth is I don’t always eat healthy everyday. hahhaha yes, I try my best to eat a healthy diet often but at the same time I eat moderately some food items that I love. And the fact that this is not even something available here in Rome I only get to taste this once in a blue moon LOL. My dad had a vacation in the Philippines last autumn so I am able to get my hands on this. This is the reason why I decided to include all of these sweets that I really love here in my blog.

This blog is born with my love and passion of the products that I talk about in here. That is what I mentioned in my disclaimer I am not here to teach and I am not an expert by all means. I just want to share and talk about my favorites and what I am passionate about. So if you have reached the end of this article, thank you as always.

Treat yourself from time to time. Just in moderation..

Stay healthy and happy =)

Thanks for reading, I hope this is interesting to you. See you on my next article! ciao!



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