Mineralize Skin Finish

This is one of those products that I know is amazing but unfortunately I can’t use for myself. I’m gonna say that this is one of the products that I really like and I know that it is high quality but unfortunately not appropriate for my skin

It is one of the best selling products of MAC Cosmetics

It’s a complexion product called Mineralize Skin Finish. This particular shade is called Soft&Gentle, and it is almost universal to all of the skin tones. It is peach bronze with gold reflects.

This powder highlighter is made of what MAC calls “multi mineral complex” which adds luminosity and radiance on the skin, especially on the cheeks, brows and other parts of the face. It also contains Vitamin E and it can be used for the body as well. Plus it is made in Italy!

It is dermatologically tested, ophthalmologist tested and it says on the product description that it doesn’t cause acne. I agree to that claim because, guys, I am actually acne-prone and to be honest a lot of complexion products from MAC I can’t use for this reason. I am not really sure what ingredients irritate my skin particularly their foundations and powders. Surprisingly this is one that doesn’t break me out. It is incredible that Soft&Gentle didn’t cause me any skin problems.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft&Gentle

I just want to say that this is so glittery guys. If I have normal skin I might actually love it but because of my skin issues I am really careful about the face products that I put on my face. It is frustrating sometimes.

It also says on their description that to achieve more intense and metallic outcome just spray your makeup brush with a little bit of Prep+Prime fix+ but in my opinion it is metallic and glittery on its own. It is in no way a subtle highlight.

I have oily skin guys so it is not really for me I have long since accepted that LOL. It is really unfortunate that whenever I use a highlighter I look like a disco ball after just a short period of time has passed.

It doesn’t mean it is not a great product in fact I have always kept this in my kit. I truly believe that this is a high-quality product this is why make up artists love this. This has always been a makeup favorite on fashion shows and runway shows. And I love using this to all of the faces I have done.

And when I stopped freelancing I kept it for myself, I tried my best to make it work but I use it very rarely, almost never. I have a finishing powder that I actually use as a highlighter more than this.

This is beautiful to use for the eyes, too! So remember to try it as an eyeshadow.

If you love a highlighter with a punch this is for you, definitely check it out! This is perfect for the parties during the holiday season!

Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.



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