Vanilla Doughnuts

This is not the typical healthy snack that I feature here in my blog. But I want to share this with you not only because this is so delicious but also for all of you out there looking for a gluten free snack!

These vanilla doughnuts are made in heaven. These are baked and not fried, covered in icing and decorated with colored sugar codettes.
And this is also available with other flavors not only in vanilla. Tiny Donuts di Cuorenero is proud to be made in Italy,

Each pack has 3 doughnuts inside. Yummy!

Tiny Donuts
Gluten Free

I am really curious about the ingredients:

Donut (75%):

  • chicken eggs raised on the ground
  • prepared for pastry (non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats (fats (palm, coconut and palm kernel in variable proportions)
  • oils (soybeans sunflower and rapeseed and corn in variable proportions))
  • water
  • butter
  • emulsifiers: E471, E475, E322; preservative: E202; acidity regulator: E330; flavourings, colouring: beta-carotene)
  • sugar
  • deglutinated wheat starch
  • sorbitol syrup
  • rice flour
  • potato starch
  • syrup of glucose
  • emulsifiers: E472b, E477
  • soy flour
  • rice fiber
  • vanilla flavor
  • raising agents: E336i, E500ii; emulsifier: E464
  • psyllium fiber
  • preservative: potassium sorbate; emulsifier: E481; guar seed flour.

Glaze (25%):

  • sugar
  • non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats (fats (palm, palm kernel) and oils (sunflower))
  • partially skimmed milk powder
  • skimmed milk powder
  • emulsifier: sunflower lecithin
  • flavourings
  • colored sugar sprinkles 26% (sugar, rice starch, glucose syrup, deglutinated wheat starch, polishing agent: carnauba wax
  • food colourings: E100, lemon, radish, blackcurrant, Spirulina platensis)

May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios

Origin of ingredients: EU eggs and sugar

Tiny Donuts
Gluten Free

Nutritional Value per 100g

  • Energy 471 kcal
  • Fats 37g fatty acids 28g
  • Carbohydrates 37g sugars 30g
  • Fiber 2,2g
  • Protein 6,9g
  • Salt 0,48g

Look at how inviting this is. It is as delicious as how it looks!

I really want to point out that almost all of the gluten free snack that I have tried are yummy although I don’t have problems about gluten, I just want to say that I do appreciate the snacks and I think this is the best hahhaha it is really good!

So if you come across this product, it is a thumbs up! Please do try it. Like what I always say, just take everything in moderation and I do treat myself from time to time. I don’t mind eating sweets sometimes.

I hope you find this interesting. Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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