Face Sunscreen

I have loved another Spf from the same brand that I already featured here in my blog. And when I saw this, I got too excited and wanted to try it.

I am guilty of not using SPF all over my body during the cold season that is why I opted a face sunscreen instead hhahaha my dermatologists might roll their eyes LOL!

This is from the same line Nivea Sun which is one of the products I featured here in my blog. It says on the description about the product that it has a lightweight formula, zero perfume and it is especially formulated for sensitive skin. It leaves the skin hydrated, doesn’t clog pores and ideal for everyday use to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays especially from sun irritation, allergy and to maintain healthy skin.

This sunscreen protects your skin EXTERNALLY from UVA/UVB rays & the effects of High Energy Visible Light such as premature skin ageing. It also helps protect your skin INTERNALLY with powerful natural antioxidants.

Nivea Sun
Sensitive skin
spf 50
sunscreen UVA UVB

This tube is 50ml, very cute and small that you can always insert in your bag if you want to carry it with you if you are out.

The two main ingredients are:

  • licorice extract
  • Vitamin E

These two ingredients are widely known to be beneficial to the skin.


  • Solar Protection
  • protection from sun allergy
  • soothing
  • non greasy feel
  • curative
  • anti oxidant

Opthalmologically approved. Dermatologically proven skin compatibility

Nivea Sun
Sensitive skin
spf 50
sunscreen UVA UVB

Directions for use: It is advised to apply a generous amount before exposing your skin to the sun. And then reapply frequently, especially after bathing, after sweat or after using a towel to maintain the level of protection.

It is also mentioned as a reminder that reduced amount of quantity might diminish significantly the level of protection. Let it absorbed completely when applied.

Please be careful and avoid contact to eyes. And also avoid direct contact with hard surfaces and fabrics that could be stained.

And they also mentioned: to avoid prolonged exposure even with sun protection and that excessive exposure might provoke the harm of skin and don’t expose babies and young kids to the direct sunlight!

It’s been almost a month since I started using this everyday. I have finished up my other bottle of sunscreen. Ever since I turned 30 I am now very conscious of my skin’s needs. More conscious than I was in my 20s. It really does help a lot for skin protection, guys, so please do use this sunscreen if you can, it is really helpful.

I am not really happy about the consistency it is so “pastoso” as I would say in italian, it is not as smooth as I would like it when I apply it on the skin. But it’s ok, I do use another moisturizer so I can actually appreciate it after applying that.

It really is for sensitive skin as I didn’t got any irritation and I love that because my skin reacts immediately if there is something it doesn’t like.

The tube is very cute. I never realized that packaging is also important. I do prefer bottles and tubes rather than jars I just think it is more practical.

Plus it is affordable!

Guys, be mindful and please take care of your skin. I have always had a problematic skin so I try my best everyday. It is always unpredictable and so skin protection is one of my skincare routine.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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