Lipid Replenishing Cream

This is a brand that I have loved during my 20s. I have tried some of their products especially the oily skin acne-prone line as I have suffered with acne.
Fast forward to my 30s now I have this nostalgic memory as I have seen Eau Thermale Avène recently on social media lol! I am not gonna lie. It drew me to find this again and revisit the brand.
My skin’s needs are different now than when I was younger so I have eyed their atopic skin type line.

And I have discovered ultimately the XeraCalm line.

XeraCalm aims to renew skin barriers and to comfort irritated skin with itchy sensation caused by dry skin.
The products are formulated to nurture and immediately soothe sensitive skin, dry skin, very dry skin and atopic skin types.

XERACALM A.D is proud of their unique technology called Cosmetico Sterile®, this allows the product to be kept sterile avoiding external contamination. This is to guarantee the tolerability of the treatment also targeting the most sensitive skin types- especially the little babies and kids regenerating skin barrier long term. This can be used from birth so it is very safe to use for infants.

This particular cream that I have bought is the XeraCalm A.D Lipid replenishing cream

eau thermale 
xeracalm ad 
lipid replenishing cream
200ml tube – Made in France

Soothes – Nourishes – Hydrates

A lipid-restoring cream helps restore the skin’s barrier function and skin comfort.

The important formula of this cream are:

  • I-modulia®, an active ingredient obtained from Avène Thermal Water, reduces the sensation of itching, helps protect the skin and fights weakening of skin barrier.
  • Cer-omega, skin-like lipids, act on dryness, nurture and help restore the skin barrier. Thanks to the exclusive Cosmetico Sterile® technology, which keeps the product sterile throughout its use

The very first product I have ever tried is the Avène Thermal Water. It was so gorgeous guys. If you have problematic skin this will refresh it. And to be honest with you guys, I have felt bougie at the time. Hahahahaha Guys, I was so young and the girl back then can only dream of products like this. And from there, my obsession to the brand started.

I do use this replenishing cream not only for the body but also for the face like most of my creams. I am glad to know I can and it didn’t give me any problems on my face.

I apply it everyday mostly in the morning after I wash my face and whenever I feel some itchiness or I see red spots on my face. I do use it after shower all over my body and I do apply it at night on my face too before going to bed!

So I conclude that this is really safe for the skin.
It is has no Preservatives, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and it is developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions– that is your explanation!

Anti-irritation – Limits scratching – Replenishes fat – Anti-scratch

Avene cream has 100% useful ingredients to satisfy every family member’s needs. And it is always satisfying to know that both kids and adults can use a certain skin care product. Therefore this is also often advised by dermatologists.

XeraCalm A.D Lipo-Restoring Cream is ideal for the skin of babies, children and adults. So practically everyone can use this!

eau thermale 
xeracalm ad 
lipid replenishing cream

It is advised to apply the cream once or twice a day. No limited number of pumps, just pump the cream first to the palm in a circular motion and then spread it on the entire area of the body just don’t rub too much to avoid making the skin more fragile.

When it comes to perfume it got zero strong fragrance but it is very subtle but it kind of bothers me just a tiny bit. I don’t know what it is. It’s kind of a bit plasticky, I don’t know if it is the packaging or the product itself I am not sure.

I now remember how this skin care brand got me into falling in love with their products. This is something that you can get at the pharmacy, not expensive but not that affordable either. But every penny is worth it in my opinion.

If you have sensitive, dry and atopic skin type, I do recommend this. It is a cream so it is slightly thinner in formula than a balm, but the consistency is sticky but the skin absorbs it immediately. This is a thumbs up.

Thank you so much for reading, I will see you next time! Ciao

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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