All-in-one Micellar Water

I did feature here in my blog the facial cleanser which is my all time favorite (and I think will always be).

I have been using that since I was a teenager. I have tried a lot of variants until I found the lemon one which suits my skin’s needs as I have extremely oily skin.

I am pleased to know that the brand came out with another product. And I am amazed that now, they have the micellar water too. Same variant: lemon!

Eskinol Naturals 
All-in-one Micellar Water

make up remover
skin cleanser
200 ml bottle

They came out with other variants too so you have other choices depending upon your skin’s needs. First of all, I like the packaging than my favorite cleanser. This bottle looks nice, thin and compact. This is called the Eskinol Naturals Clear All-in-one Micellar Water.

My dad bought this from the Philippines last year and I was actually telling him no, I need the facial cleanser but he didn’t find it and bought this instead. I wasn’t even aware that this new product came out and actually I am not even sure if it is new or it has been in the market for some time now. But definitely the last time I visited the Philippine this wasn’t around yet as I can remember. (6 years ago lol!)

I was surprised at first as I was not sure if they have discontinued my favorite lemon product or if they have reformulated it into this new one. New packaging, new formula as it it not only a cleanser but a make up remover too.

I went to their website to check if my facial cleanser has been discontinued fortunately it still exists. Maybe my dad went to a store and it was sold out so he bought this instead.
I am actually thrilled to try this. I have no complaints. I have a bunch of back ups and after several months of using it I can now finally say that this is a valid product.

Like the other cleanser, of course this is a lemon variant. It is for oily skin so that is also a plus for me.

It says on the product description:
-it mattifies without overdrying
-gently purifies and nourishes the skin
-removes oil, dirt and make up

0% alcohol
and it is dermatologically tested formula

Eskinol Naturals 
All-in-one Micellar Water

make up remover
skin cleanser
This is of course proudly Made in the Philippines!

Just moisten the cotton and wipe gently on skin, eyes, lips. And that is it. no rinsing required.

And that is how I use my other favorite cleanser as well. Especially at night when I am too tired to wash my face and I am not gonna lie, I don’t always wash my face anyway. I have learned that during my acne-prone years. It does affect my skin and aggravate it more than it could have helped. So that is why I am so happy that I have my cleanser because I can use it to remove both make up and dirt on my face and on my neck too!

I think the difference is the alcohol as this micellar water got nothing. And that is the first thing that came into my mind. Because it is less refreshing as my favorite cleanser. Whenever I use this it doesn’t dry up quickly I noticed that I had to fan out my face before applying my moisturizer and my sunscreen in the morning or my night cream before bed. It is not a bad thing, I was just used to the other cleanser as I have used that in years. And the way I believe that alcohol is not harmful to the skin. I know that a lot of people hate that in their skincare I mean we are all different. Of course you have to avoid alcohol especially if you are allergic or you have skin issues and sensitive skin.

I have oily skin so I know that I like the feel of it. I can’t help but compare it to this new one and is more greasy than my favorite. On the other hand I do feel this is lighter and of course it is water I can expect that. Very very similar to my other favorite miscelar water.

I am surprised that even though I have sensitive skin it is fine. I was afraid at first because of the transition to a new product. But I am ok and I am glad.

This is not as excellent as my favorite but like what I said, this is very valid. If you need a very light miscelar water, you can try this out. If you also have been a lover of Eskinol for a time I just think that the quality is there. But it is just my preference as I have loved the facial cleanser more. I can just use this as a make up remover more than cleanser.

I hope you like this article, please I want to here in your comments if you have ever tried this product, I am curious if this has been in the market or is it completely new.

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you again on my next article! Ciao for now!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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