Multi-active Dermo-gel aloe vera

Aloe Dermo-Gel Multiattivo Equilibra®

I feel like I have been liking this brand. I wasn’t even aware at first, but most of the products I have tried are nice.

This is another discovery for me. And yes it is not the first time I have shared an aloe vera product here in my blog.

I am really a believer of how it helps in any way. It has moisturising properties, very refreshing and soothing both on the skin, hai and even in our bodies.

I found this 75ml tube and this packaging is really cute that it is easy to carry with you.

Aloe Dermo-Gel is without oil, it is paraben free, alcohol-free and with no added fragrance! Just apply it generously on clean skin and leave to dry. Be careful if you feel burn or redness suspend the use. I didn’t have any issues on my skin, it has the sloghtest scent of aloe but no fragrance as it is indicated. It is well-absorbed easily by the skin and not sticky at all. I use this mostly on my hands as I use a hand cream. And yes I do apply this post-depilation. I find my skin very smooth everytime, I like the feel of it.

Multi-active Dermo-gel aloe vera

This can be applied on the following:

• Redness of skin folds

• Relief after sun and contact with heat sources

• Redness of the gums

• Tired and excessively stressed feet

• Redness from rubbing or perspiration

• After depilation or shaving

Equilibra is the brand that is Made in Italy. And I am impressed with mostly of their products. If you come across this, please do try them out. And they are also affordable so it is a yes for me.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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