Top Coat

This is a second purchase, guys. And even though this is not an affordable nail polish (at least for me LOL), I think it is worth it! And I have bought this at a discount on both times so it is a good deal.

multi dimension
top coat
pure pearlfection
Essie multi dimension topcoat
pure pearlfection

Essie is not a brand that is always available in retail stores here in Rome that is why when I saw it at Acqua e Sapone, I didn’t want to miss the chance.

I went to their website and found out that this particular shade is not available anymore so I am kind of disappointed. I am not sure if it is only temporarily sold out, if it will ever come again but I think this is so pretty and delicate.

I will classify this as a particular shade, which at first I didn’t know was a topcoat at first. LOL

I practically just use this as a transparent polish if I want something simple on my nails, I love applying this even just alone!

Other than that, I use this on top of any other plain colored nail polish and they all transform brilliantly.

This is under the category metallic and glitter. But in my opinion this is not your usual chunky glitter that is why it stands out to me. I am not a fan of chunky glitters so I appreciate this a lot!

multi dimension
top coat
pure pearlfection

Essie enamel product benefits according to their website are:

extensive color palette with hundreds of shades
high, glossy shine finish
provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability
brush fits every nail size for streak-free application

Essie named the polishes with wit and charm and that is also amazing, whoever is behind each name is really smart. They have got a hundred of nail polish shades in an extensive palette of iconic classics to a huge collection of colors plus nail care items as well. It is the go-to nail brand for salon professionals, beauty junkies, industry insiders, celebrities and fashion icons around the world. They are the leader in nail luxury. So it makes sense, I mean the price tag. For me, it is kinda up there. I wouldn’t be able to afford this if not for the discounts.

multi dimension
top coat
pure pearlfection

Essie is founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, who flew to Las Vegas for her 12 original nail polish colors ‘blanc,’ ‘bordeaux’ and ‘baby’s breath’ – timeless shades still in the collection today.

A year after, Essie went out with both base coat and top coat introducing a variety of nail treatments

Essie is hailed to be Best Nail polish Colors in Allure Magazine’s first “Best of Beauty Awards” in 1996 and continues to garner prestigious industry, fashion and beauty awards worldwide.

In 1999 the brand expands into a line of Essie spa treatments lotions and nail care systems. and started to expand going incide salon and professional spa

Essie finally launched in Europe in 2012! And in 2013 ‘bikini so teeny’ becomes the number one selling trend nail color of all time.

In 2016 Essie celebrated 35 years, the brand opens its color vault by reintroducing six cult favorite shades, including ‘starry starry night.’ And the brand introduced gel couture collection these are long wear shades, it is an easy 2-step system of color + top coat for gel-like shine and lust-worthy color.

Finally in 2017 Essie color + care category is created with its new TREAT, LOVE & COLOR shades. the brand’s first 1-step advanced care system in perfect Essie shades strengthens nails in just 1 week.

Essie already captured my heart. the shade, the packaging, the brush.. all so amazing! And I will not forget to mention of course that the formula is one of the best I have ever tried. I have worn this for days and days and it doesn’t come off easily. If I use this on top of any other nail polish it turns out even prettier and long wearing too!

I am glad to share this find. And I am content that it is somehow available here in Europe although not easy to find.

I hope you like this article about beauty, thank you for reading! See you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Enervit Skin

I have come to terms with my skin and I think it has improved a lot. Maybe because of age, maybe because I am more active now than ever, maybe even my work and home lifestyle are giving me less stress so all of these factors gave my skin a reform.

Now I enjoy Enervit more. And that aside from the skin, I noticed that my hair has been benefitting too.

I just finished a bottle so I decided to share this with you.

Enervit Enerzona is a product line of supplements.

Enervit EnerZona skin is an exclusive product for women’s skin’s well being and hair care. The main ingredient is collagene and it has a lot of anti oxidant properties from grape seed extract combined with essential fatty acids Omega 3, vitamin c and Biotin. It claims to maintain the skin during the summer and hair care during the cold winter season

  • grape seed extract, contributes to the physiological antioxidant function and to the functionality of the microcirculation
  • fatty acids omega-3
  • Astaxantina it is therefore attributed the ability to protect cells from damage associated with oxidation. It is also believed to improve the functioning of the immune system.
  • Biotin helps maintain skin and hair healthy
  • Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation, contributes to cell protection from stress oxidative.
  • intense orange carotenoid, extracted from freshwater algae. Carotenoids are molecules known for their antioxidant power.

Let us look at the Nutritional value

  • Average contents 2 capsules *% NRV
  • Omega 3 long chain 0.93 g
  • Plant extract of Vitis Vinifera L., tit. in proanthocyanidins 100 mg
  • Of which proanthocyanidins 100 mg
  • Lycopene 6 mg
  • Phytoene 0.7 mg
  • Phytofluene 0.5 mg
  • Lutein 5 mg
  • Zaeaxanthin 1 mg
  • Astaxanthin 1 mg
  • Vitamin C 40mg 50%
  • Biotin 50 µg 100%
Omega 3

anti oxidant


  • Fish oil standardized to 75% omega 3
  • Gelatin capsule (food gelatin, firming agent: glycerol, humectant: sorbitols, color: iron oxides and hydroxides)
  • Vitamin mix (Vitamin C (6-L-ascorbyl palmitate ), D-biotin)
  • Thickener: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids
  • Vegetable extract of Vitis Vinifera L., seed tit. in proanthocyanidins (100%) (3.3%)
  • Oleoresin from tomatoes (titrated at 6% in lycopene, at 0.75% in phytoene, at 0.5% in phytofluene) (3.3%)
  • Oil of sunflower with high oleic acid content
  • Capsule shell (medium chain triglycerides, glazing agents: ethyl cellulose, ammonium hydroxide, fatty acids, sodium alginate
  • Lutein from Tagetes Erecta (0.17%) Astaxanthin from Haematococcus Pluvialis ( 0.03%)
  • Zeaxanthin from Tagetes Erecta (0.03%)
  • Emulsifier: lecithins

The product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. each bottle has 42 capsules

A bottle has 42 capsules. It is adviced to be taken twice a day after breakfast and lunch, for at least 3 weeks. Within 15 days, the skin appears to be more hydrates, toned and healthy color appearance . it should be completed within 21 days. Repeat if needed.

Omega 3

anti oxidant

I would repurchase this again if I have the chance (it is kinda not cheap LOL). I like the idea that this is actually a product for women. I would be honest, I noticed the difference more with my hair than my skin. I have extremely problematic skin you all know that and it is really tough to see any difference unless I do take a product more consistently, like several weeks or months. But with all the benefits that this supplement is offering, then this is great. The content is well-thought of when it comes to the needs of the skin.

As I always say, listen to your body. And please do note that supplements should be paired to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. To my experience, I should always be careful with what I eat, that I should sleep well and exercise as it shows on my skin when I don’t take care of it in a lot of aspects.

I hope this would be helpful for you if you are looking a product for the skin. Just read the content, research more information and ask your health care professional.

Thanks for reading! I will see you on my next article. Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Dark Nail polish

This week I will share with you this new find. This is the first time I have ever tried a nail polish from Catrice. And I’m so excited to see a whole shelf of Catrice products at Upim. They didn’t have it before and I was surprised that finally they carry the brand. Catrice is not as common to find in retail stores. And so I didn’t held back when I got some beauty items last December. (You probably have seen this in my beauty haul video on my youtube channel.)

This is really interesting as the finish and the color is really nice. If you love dark nail polish colors, I highly recommend this brown almost coffee-like shade. In fact the color is called 131 ESPRESSOLY GREAT

I have been wearing this and it is on my 4th day now. No chipping yet. And this is good news to me!

In fact, in the product description claims that the nail lacquer lasts up to 7 days without a top coat. They are so proud of the innovative Shock-Shield Complex which provides durability and resistance of the staying power of the nail polish.
Well, I did use a fast-drying top coat so I guess that is helping, too.

CATRICE ICONails Gel Lacquers
131 ESPRESSOly Great

Perfect gel-shine finish I love the finish. It kinda reminds me of the other nail polishes that I have tried that I liked a lot. True coffee brown, shiny and reflects the light thanks to the GLOSS SEAL’RTM technology. Even with just one coat the color is already intense, but I like to paint my nails with two coats for a solid color.

Cap made of 90 % recycled plastic The bottle is very common like almost all nail polish bottles, nothing fancy, very simple and compact. The brush is also a thumbs up for me. It is something that I also look for in a nail polish aside from the formula. Sometimes the formula is nothing if it doesn’t have a good brush applicator. And I really appreciate that Catrice made a good one that will allow a fine application in just one swipe! As it is quite huge enough to quickly cover my nails in one application!

Guys, it is also Vegan. For you all out there, this is another choice for you in the market.

The CATRICE ICONails Gel Lacquers are enriched with acai oil and promises intensive color and care for the natural nail. Just like most oils, Acai oil is known for its nourishing, moisturizing effect.

I think overall, I like this nail polish. Everything about this is positive for me. 4 days is a good time frame for nail polishes, believe me I have tried one that doesn’t even last a couple of days LOL! It is also budget-friendly so I think you can give it a try without breaking the bank. I do recommend it!

Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Plenum supplement

This is prescribed to me by my doctor and yes it has been a nice addition to my habit of taking supplements. I think that it gave me something more, I felt it in my energy, I saw how my skin improved. And now I will share with you what I have learned reading their website upon my research.

Plenum food supplement

The PLENUM Supplement box contains 30 stick packs. I don’t know how I lost the photo so I cannot even show you. But I guess you can just imagine the small stick which I think some of the other supplements is is similar in terms of packaging. Each stick has granules which by the way tastes so good. I just take it as it is directly in the mouth and it dissolves immediately like candy.

According to their website “Plenum is a supplement which keeps the intestinal microbiota healthy and in balance.” It is a food supplement of the Plenum line, an adjuvant in the reintegration, protection and conservation of the intestinal microbiota. This is commonly called “bacterial flora”, promoting correct intestinal function.

The intestinal microbiota is a set of microorganisms that is present in our intestine, capable of synthesizing substances that are essential for the functioning of the body. It increase the permeability of the intestine and reduce systemic inflammation.

The immune system also benefits greatly from this product, thanks to the combined action of probiotics and zinc, which strengthens our defenses.

Plenum’s exclusive formulation is based on: Lactoferrin, 9 billion Tyndallized Lactic Ferments, Phos, Vitamins and Minerals. It helps the intestinal microbiota by:

  • restoring bacterial microflora in case of disorders such as intestinal dysbiosis, acute gastroenteritis, intestinal inflammations, colitis, irritable colon, cystitis and diverticulites.
  • treaing bacteria and germs which are the roots of skin problems such as acne, oily skin (hyperproduction of sebum), rosacea, pityriasis versicolor. All ailments counteracted by the intake of probiotics and Lactoferrin, which has an anti-inflammatory action and fights microbes, fungi and bacteria, working from the intestine for the integral well-being of the organism. This product also helps protect the skin from problems deriving from other factors such as antibiotic therapies, capable of triggering allergic contact dermatitis, and frequent disinfectant washes that alter and damage the skin and cause allergic reactions.
  • taking special care of female well-being. Urinary tract infections caused by Escherichia coli, vaginal infections, cystitis, candidiasis, vaginitis, Trichomonas vaginalis. There are many problems that afflict women of all ages. Probiotics are a natural and effective solution, capable of restoring the natural pH and preventing bacterial proliferation inside the vagina. Use of vaginal pessaries and douches

The intake of Plenum Supplement is also recommended in the case of instrumental diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies, rectoscopies, CT scans and X-rays, etc.. A balanced microbiota protects us from radiation damage.

Now I know why I always see and hear phrases like, take care of your gut. Because I learned from all of these information that all ailments and disorders comes from our intestines. And the intestinal microbiota is very important to our over all health.

Reference values for 1 stick pack.

Plenum food supplement

Plenum is a food supplement based on:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum tyndallized 4,5×109 cellule (30 mg)
  • Streptococcus thermophilus tyndallized 4,5×109 cellule (30 mg)
  • Lactoferrin 20 mg
  • FOS 800 mg
  • Niacin 16 mg
  • Vitamin E12 mg
  • Vitamin B2 1,4 mg
  • Vitamin B6 1,4 mg
  • Biotin 55 mcg
  • Zinc 10 mg

The lactic ferments contained in the product are tyndallized. This means that the microorganisms are inactivated through a thermal process, keeping intact their structure and the properties that make them effective. The tyndallization treatment has a series of advantages for the lactic ferments contained in Plenum.

I never even thought that any supplement would lead to weight gain but this is the first time I hear a supplement noting that taking their product does not lead to weight gain. So that is really interesting. It also has no contra indications. In fact my doctor didn’t site any.

Taking Plenum does not lead to weight gain.

The recommended dose to get the maximum benefit from the supplement is one (1) stick pack per day, to be taken preferably in the morning. The contents of the stick pack dissolve directly in the mouth, without water.

In fact this is is how I have taken it for at least 3 months as prescribed to me. 1 stick pack a day for five days a week that I normally take in the morning.

Plenum is a food supplement and is not intended as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Excessive use can cause laxative effects.

Please be mindful that the dose should be correct as it is a laxative!

Plenum has other product lines for each type of needs and I was a little bit surprised to be honest. Although I am glad to know that it is a well known supplement which caters to each person’s needs. Men, women and even children. I think that goes to show how valid this brand is.





The brand is founded in 1920 by Dr. Gaetano Dell’Osso. He was a pharmacist in Basilicata, back when Italy was a kingdom of Italy and not a republic.

He was an Entrepreneur during those times when farmaceutical indutries were just taking the first steps. He had an office where he’s giving product preparations for the health and well-being of his fellow citizens.

In 1968 The pharmaceutical workshop went to his own son’s hands in Rome, Prof. Doctor Giuseppe Dell’Osso. He, too like his father is an entrepreneur and pharmacist with a future vison.

Under his leadership, L.E.D.I. derma Laboratori Eudermici Italiani was born. It’s one of the first Italian companies to present the product line “dermocosmetici” in the medicine world.

He had good relationship with dermatologists who studies and identifies the needs and solution for lots of skin treatments thereby contributing to the foundation of the modern cosmetological science.

In 2008 his daughter Prof. Doctor Noemi Dell’Osso, takes the position and continues the family’s mission. She expanded it in GD by 2010. They have since extended their products to medical devices and opens up to market in Caribbean, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

Plenum is a Gluten-Free food supplement and its ingredients and formula are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Laboratory analysis carried out on raw materials and on the product to exclude any possible contamination. The analysis is carried out on each production batch.

They are one of the first Italian companies to obtain the following certification:





Everything we need comes from nature, having “natural” habit makes us healthier

I just think that this is an incredible product. I am happy that I came to know this and I am able to rip out some benefits for myself. My doctor just knows what my needs are and I am grateful. I am not sure, guys if you can buy this over the counter but please make sure to consult your doctor first. I know that almost all of supplements are safe as Plenum says in their website but just to be sure, you know what I always say, listen to your body.

Please, always do your research, ask information to the healthcare professionals before trying out a product.

I have learned a lot writing this article and reading about the product and all of its corresponding health benefits. I hope you find this interesting and helpful as always, thanks for reading! I will see you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Natural color nail polish

I love painting my nails. And I actually used to do nail art very often back in my 20’s. I did go to a class on how to do gel manicure. And also, as I am trying to reupload my videos on my new channel, believe it or not, my very first videos years ago were all about nail art hahahha. It is so nostalgic. That is how I started before shifting to make up and other beauty stuff.

This is one of my passion and I like doing my own nails. I love colors, it is not a secret. And I have high respect to nail artists. I would have became one if I continued studying. So I figured I would share some of my favorite nail polish brands that I have tried.

The INSTA-DRI® line from Sally Hansen, it is a quick dry formula that dries up fast within 60 seconds.
The characteristics of this nail polish is the 3-in-1 formula: base, color and top coat.

Est. New York, 1957 Sally Hansen Inc. is an American beauty brand founded in 1946 by Sally Hansen herself.
Her popularity rose because of the innovative and efficient products with accessible prices to all women.

The brand started with only two products for the nails. The iconic “Hard As Nails”. Now it is a premium brand which comprises over 300 colors available, distributed in over 55 countries in the world. And also the number one brand in the United States.

To be honest with you, I have known the brand mostly for its nail products. I have heard a lot of good reviews about them I am actually surprised to know that the brand has other beauty products for the following category:

  • colored nail polishes
  • nail care
  • tanning products
  • hair removal products
  • beauty accessories

“You can do something about anything. You can and must improve constantly”


She believes in the power of taking care of our own beauty. Women loves pampering themselves and that is why she is here for all the women who needs it. The products, the know-how and the inspiration for a professional result and even better created by our own hands. It is for us to feel good everyday.

“Beauty to a woman is power. Power to believe in herself.”


Sally Hansen is an entrepreneur who challenged everyone and the whole society when she headed the beauty sector, innovation and style icon in a time in which women are only allowed in the domestic affairs and not inside a business company. She created lifestyle and beauty which she has always imagined for herself and did it with her own hands.

If you have time I recommend you try to read about her on the company’s brand. It is so interesting how she was able to achieve the goals during the time in which is very difficult for women to emerge in a society in which men dominates.

Let’s get back to this nail polish this is the Instadri nail color in instant coffee. I love this particular color, so simple and very natural. It is a light nude peach shade almost skin like. I would have prefered just a tiny bit darker than this as I have dark skin. But it’s fine, I guess. If you don’t want to put something striking, I suggest you try this but of course if you prefer other shades Instadri has a lot of colors you can choose from anyway so of course if you have a certain color preference, you can check out the available colors.

instadri nail color
instant coffee
sally hansen nail polish

Another thing that I admire most is that the company don’t test the products on animals. And one of the many benefits of our products is that they are free from FORMALDEHYDE, DBP AND TOLUENE ingredients!

The brush looks really nice and compact and wide enough to cover my nails in just one coat. It is. not too big nor too small and I really like it a lot.

When it comes to longevity, I think out of all the nail polishes I have tried, this is the one that lasts me for almost a week without chipping so easily! Unless of course I wash the dishes or clean stuff LOL! To me it is incredible as I have always had nail polishes that kinda breaks easily. I don’t really mind in general. I can always reapply it. But I appreciate it all the same. Especially for people who are busy and doesn’t have time to even reapply or give attention to the nails.

And lastly, it is expensive, guys. At least for me! hahahha I usually don’t pay €7 for a nail polish hahahah nail polishes are not something that I will pay that much for. I am good with €3 max lol. I actually even got it on a discount, as I remember well, the price point is around 9-10€. When I saw the sale, I picked it up just to be able to try it. I don’t know when I will be able to repurchase this again hahahha

I have always been intrigued as this is so popular, I want to know what is so special about it compared to other nail polishes in the market. But I guess with the quality and performance and also the colors, I guess I get what I am paying for. And also, this is a brand not easily accessible here in Italy. Some retailers and stores do have a Sally Hansen shelf for this but it is not very common and they are absolutely pricey.

If you find this article interesting, thank you so much for reading! I will definitely insert about other beauty stuff here in my blog not only make up and skincare as this is also a part of beauty. Again thank you and see you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Choco Smoothie

I just finished my protein drink so I was looking for a new one to drink. I was buying a skin product at the farmacia when I came across this product.

Pesoforma is a familiar brand. It is widely known and to be honest I have always known this to be a product line for those who want to loose weight and in my mind, I was like, no it is not gonna work ever LOL! I always think that supplements and weight loss product won’t ever work. That is when I didn’t know that they are important. And of course they are gonna work with discipline and a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, I have featured lots of healthy products and I did feature not ‘so healthy’ ones too hahaha I just believe in taking things in moderation.

So I thought, well, I am not working out, doing yoga and barre to loose weight but I got intrigued with this product as like what I said I wanted something to drink.

I went ahead and got this and just recently I have finished the whole tin can. This is obviously smaller than the Foodspring that is why it didn’t last that long too.

First of all I want to say that this is delicious. And I was skeptic about the flavor at first. But I was surprised when I tasted this chocolate flavored drink.
It isn’t the sweet milk chocolate that I expected. I don’t like chocolate flavors in general especially if it is the milk chocolate flavors. I try to avoid that if I can. I am always a fan of dark chocolate and that is very apparent with all the products that I write about here in my blog.

According to their website Choco Smoothie is a substitute meal for weight loss which will in turn bring in essential nutrients to the well-being. It is rich in vegetable protein and fibers.

This is good to take during lunch and breakfast. It contains no palm oil.

I drink it after every work out LOL! But it’s fine I guess. I tend to work out in the afternoon a little bit before dinner. And when I drink this I am actually a tiny bit full. So I tend to eat less in the evening.

This is a drink delicious both warm and cold.

But they did say, in their website, that for a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water everyday and exercise.

That is exactly what I am saying. I now believe in vitamins and supplements as long as it is paired with good healthy eating habits, exercise and rest, too. I think all of these phases need to be done.

If one intends to loose weight they advice to take this at least two meals or to maintain the weight at least one meal.

And of course always consult your healthcare provider. that is also an advice that I tell you. We all have our own body, one diet might work, another one wouldn’t.

There is a measuring spoon included inside the tin can. 2 scoops with 250ml milk si the right measurement

Choco Smoothie

I actually use water instead of milk. Because I usually experience bloating if I drink milk anytime of the day instead of in the morning with cereals. I don’t drink straight milk at all. So that is why I try to adopt this into my own diet. It is also nice to warm it up if you want to. But I always drink this at a temperature.

Choco Smoothie


  • sugar
  • low-fat cocoa powder 18% (low-fat cocoa, emulsifier: lecithins)
  • soybean oil powder (soybean oil, glucose syrup, milk proteins, natural flavouring)
  • inulin
  • maltodextrins
  • hydrolysed wheat proteins
  • milk
  • minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, manganese, copper, selenium)
  • thickeners: methylcellulose, xanthan gum
  • flavouring
  • salt
  • natural flavoring (milk)
  • vitamins (C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, A, D, thiamine, B6, B12, ribflavin, K, folic acid, biotin)
  • antioxidants: extract rich in tocopherol.

This contains gluten and lactose. So unfortunately. these are not for people who are looking for gluten free and lactose free drinks.

It may contain traces of eggs, fish, nuts, celery, sesame. Always verify if you are allergic to those mentioned.

Pesoforma, like what I have mentioned, offers product line for a personalized solution regarding problems of weight and line

They have a variety of products for meal subs, snacks available in different flavors too. Each product serve different calories needs, to burn fats, sugar and also to balance hunger and water retention.
All of their products are non GMO

Looks good right? Yummyness!

I hope you all find this helpful and interesting and yes, I recommend this smoothie! It is really good! Thank you so much for reading. See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.


This is another food item that is now included in my favorite list.

I have been familiar with this ever since. Some philippine dishes use this as an ingredient.

According to my research, Tofu is a product obtained by curdling soy milk which in turn is the extract result from yellow soy beans. And it is pressed into blocks with special dedicated tools to making cheese. The production of tofu from soy milk is similar to that of cheese from cow’s milk that is why tofu is often also referred to as “vegetable cheese”.

This is very much used not only in the Philippines but also in other oriental countries. It has neutral taste and very soft in consistency.

Block tofu is also called “dry tofu”: this is the most easily available product in large-scale distribution. And this is actually the tofu that i know! It has a firm consistency, and can be cut into slices or cubes .

Silken tofu or velvety tofu on the other hand, is not yet found in large retailers but in organic food stores. You can find it both in trays and in tetrapak packages. Its consistency is very similar to that of a very soft pudding. It is used in vegan pastry to obtain spoon creams, fillings to guarantee consistency and a good binding power in doughs.

Tofu contains a discreet amount of vegetable fats and minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium that is why this is a good supplement for bone strength. This is also a variant for meat as it is rich in vegetable proteins. It has very small amounts of calories. No fats and no cholesterol.

I do know that vegetarians and vegans love this food item because of this reason.
In fact, out of 100 g of product we have 15 g of proteins, 10.5 g of fats and 1 g of carbohydrates. It is also perfect for those suffering from celiac disease because it is gluten-free

It is generally safe to consume unless particular soy allergies have been found or if a person is affected by tumor or thyroid problems.


Nutritional Value for each 100g:

  • Energy 154kcal
  • Fats 9,8g
  • Saturated fats 1,3g
  • Carbohydrates 0,7g
  • Sugar 0,4g
  • Fibre 2,5g
  • Protein 14,4 g
  • Salt 0g


  • Soy 57%
  • water
  • Nigari

This particular brand I have already featured in one of my articles. Verde Amore has other vegan and vegetarian products just like the veggie burger that I have talked about here in my blog. I am really glad to find Tofu in their product line.

It has a simple taste and it can be cooked as a part of a dish or just plainly this bread, pasta or rice and even salad! Filipinos do use this to make pansit which is a very well-known party dish in the Philippines which is a variant of the Chinese soy spaghetti noodles.


Please do consult your healthcare provider if you aren’t allergic to soy or you don’t have any medical condition, you won’t have any problems consuming this.

I appreciate this more now that I am on the look out for nutritious food. I really like it a lot. It is simple and healthy at the same time. It is so easy to prepare and cook. Highly-recommended! With the growing market, it is now highly available even in grocery stores and supermarkets.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you find this helpful. See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Dark Chocolate Powder Drink

Cioccolata Calda Fondente 5pz 100g

It is truly apparent that I like Lindt. This is not the first time that I feature this brand here in my blog. I have loved Lindt especially their dark chocolate which is for me one of the best dark chocolates out there in the market.

From Castroni store where I discovered the cream spread. I have seen this there as well. I drink hot chocolate in the morning at least once a week so when I saw this product I got intrigued.

Created in Maîtres Chocolatiers Lindt laboratory, Lindt dark chocolate became a delicious a dark chocolate drink.

This box contains 5 portions ready in a few minutes. It is creamy and dense as it is described! I am really happy about that.

Lindt Patisserie dark chocolate drink ingredients

Let us take a look at the Nutritional Information per 100g

(Each portion has 105g)

  • Energy (kcal) 447
  • Fats 2,3
  • Saturated fats 1,3
  • Carbohydrates 16
  • Sugar 11
  • Protein 4,5
  • Salt 0,28

Powder mix in dark chocolate

Lindt Patisserie dark chocolate drink ingredients


  • Sugar
  • Cacao magro
  • fecola di patate maltodestrine
  • cioccolato fondente 3,5% (cacao magro, pasta di cacao, zucchero, burro di cacao. Cacao: 70% minimo)
  • salt

Allergens: May contain nuts, milk, soy.

So be mindful of these ingredients if you are allergic to them =)

I just think that this is something that you should try if you love dark chocolate like me! And this is perfect for these cold winter days. If you want to get cozy at home while relaxing, this is a must!

I hope you like this article as always, thanks for reading and I will see you on my next article. Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Dried Mangoes

This is another all time favorite sweets. And this is something that is not easy to find in other countries except in oriental stores but not all of them carry this product. Proudly made in the Philippines, I want to share this goodness with you. =)

7D Dried Mangoes
Cebu Philippines
Export Quality
7D Dried Mangoes 100g Cebu Philippines

Mangoes are tropical fruits which are meaty, nutritious and deliciously tempting. Low in calories yet high in nutrients, they contain vitamins C, A, B, and K; dietary fiber, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. In fact, one cup of sliced mango meets 70% of the Vitamin C we need daily (RDI)! They have antioxidants that boost immunity. They also aid in digestion, gut health, and the care of skin, eyes, and hair.

There are many mango varieties, but the Philippine mango (locally known as the “Carabao Mango”) is known around the world for its tangy sweetness, soft almost buttery texture, and thin peel. The Carabao mango can also be eaten unripe, when they are still green. Filipinos often eat sour green mangoes with rock salt or fish paste. It is also enjoyed not only as a dessert fruit, but in other forms as well.

This is very common in the Philippines, anywhere in the country even in the backyard of most filipinos. Mango or “mangga” is one of the most important fruit crop of the country next to banana and pineapple.

As already mentioned carabao mangoes is one of the most important varieties of mango cultivated in the Philippines and is used to make the famous 7D Dried Mangoes.

And one of the most famous mango products is the dried mangoes considered as a nutritious and convenient snack around the world. Dried mangoes are bits and pieces of ripe mangoes that are dried out in ovens.

One popular method is the soft dry method of FPD Food International Inc. This method begins with the selection of the choicest fresh mangoes ripened enough to give you that rich mango flavor and excellent aroma. Then the fruits are naturally processed with the finest cane sugar for that appealing sweet-sour taste that makes 7D mango distinctive. And finally, the fruits are dried just enough to attain the chewiness that you desire and the great mango flavor you savor bite after bite.

FPD Food International Inc produces super quality and world-class mango products including dried mangoes, dried pineapple, dried mangorind candy, mango nectar, mango puree, and other assortments. the company procures mainly from the mango-abundant Cebu island. The Philippine company carries the world renowned 7D brand, which has been in the local and international market for over 40 years!

In 1972 Mr. Francisco P. David founded FD Mango Dealer as a sole proprietorship with intensive mango production as its major activity. And due to the success of the production business, in 1978 he established 7D Dried Mangoes as a sole proprietorship involved in processing fresh mangoes into the 7D brand of dried mangoes, which is now globally renowned for its unique sweet and sour blend, rich mango taste, and excellent aroma. Ten years after it is incorporated 7D Dried Mangoes to 7D Food International Inc.

7D Food International became recognized internationally when it received the VIII International Europe Award for Quality in Paris in 1974. Since 2008, 7D Food International has been certified Kosher, complying with a strict policy of kosher food laws including purity and quality.

In 2012 7D Food International ceased its operation with the ensuing business reorganization. Engr. Danilo David, the son of Mr. Francisco P. David, founded FPD Food International Inc.

Thus FPD Food International Inc. was born.

7D Dried Mangoes
Cebu Philippines
Export Quality


  • Premium. mangoes
  • cane sugar
  • sodium metabisulfite (preservative)
  • confectioner’s sugar

Nutrtional Value 42 g about 5pieces (2,4 servings per container)

  • Amount per serving 140 Calories
  • Total fats 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 60mg
  • Carbohydrates 35g
  • Protein less than 1g
  • Vitamin D 0mcg
  • Calcium 0mg
  • Iron 0,2mg
  • Potassium 120mg
  • Vitamin C 7mg

I have tried other mangoes from other countries as philippine mangoes are not easy to find here in Rome, but nothing beats carabao mangoes. Other foreign brands have tried to produce dried mangoes as well but 7D Cebu is unbeatable. This is a very well-known pasalubong for those who live abroad. I am so happy my dad got some when he went for a vacation in the Philippines!

This is a great snack that you can carry anywhere. It can also be used as topping and filling for desserts and serves as garnishing for food recipes.

Guys, if you have filipino friends, ask them to bring this as a pasalubong! Both fresh mangoes (if they have the chance to bring them) and also these dried mangoes are delicious too! You will be blown away. There is nothing like it! And since the beginning, up until now, it is still a favorite from my origin country!

I hope you find this interesting as always, thank you for reading! See you on my next article. Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Soluble Tea Instant Mix

Soluble Tea with Lime, Ginger, Turmeric and cane sugar

I know of tea drinks already made up the ones that they sell in a bottle or in tetra packs and I drink them, I like them, too I don’t mind.

And then my friend gave me this to try and drink and I am actually surprised.

Everton has a specialty in production and confections of tea, herbal tea, infused and soluble brand for over 70 years. Their operations are in India, Croatia and Italy.

In Otaly, the operations are more for production of soluble drinks sugar, cacao, coffee, milk and barley coffee.

(Ingredients are written on the pack also in english)

Nutrition Declaration for 100g

  • Energy 396 kcal
  • Fat 0g Saturated fats 0g
  • Carbohydrates 98,6g sugar 97,5g
  • Protein 0,4g
  • Salt 0,01g
Instant soluble tea
cane sugar

I just put the whole content of this pack in a pitcher of 1,5L!
This is so strong guys. Very spicy! I like the freshness of lime, very solid taste of tea and ginger. I have tried this both cold and hot and it is reaaallly good guys. My friend enjoys drinking this during the summer with ice. And yet now that is winter I have tried to drink it hot, it is tea so it is just good as the tea that we know of.

Be mindful if you are allergic to one of the ingredients that you will find on the pack. It is so strong guys so you can imagine when I opened the pack and then the powder got to my nose and mouth LOL.

I have tried a variety of tea and herbal tea but this is by far the strongest so I am just letting you know.

If you ever come across this product, for me it is a thumbs up especially if you like tea, this should be on your list to try!

Thanks for reading. See you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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