Velvet Petals Radiant Fragrance Mist

This is another fragrance mist from Victorias Secret that I wish to share here in my blog.

Unfortunately this is not available in their website at the moment. This went out last year 2021. I am not sure if this is a limited addition or if this went out in a particular season. I did still see the lotion but the mist is out of stock. There are other Velvet Petals variants because it is a whole collection but I actually found Radiant in the store.

I purchased this together with the smaller version of Aqua Kiss that I shared with you in one of my articles. The only Victoria’s Secret store that I know at least the one near me is the one in the central station. I was particularly looking for Velvet Petals Heat but didn’t find it although it appears to be available online.

With all of the various mist, I chose Radiant instead.

I am a person who is more into flowery scents but I got caught on Radiant’s fruity sweetness. I am surprised that it is fruity and floral because the notes say it is quite more of a mixture of fruits rather than floral.

This is a fresh fragrance ideal for women during warm days. So I am satisfied and I am using it daily since summer started.

This is the 250 ml version, the full bottle, so it is pretty huge compared to Acqua Kiss.


  • Kiwi burst
  • Bright Watermelon
  • Luminous mango
  • Brilliant berries
  • Pomelo splash

I always want to point out that all fragrances, mists are very personal. I just want to say that I think the variance of the mists from Victoria’s Secret is nice because one can always choose according to what one prefers. And again this is a mist so we cannot expect this to last that long. I do love perfumes that are long lasting, but for everyday use I like a mist that I can spray on my clothes, body and hair just to freshen up a bit especially now that we are so exposed to the sun in this summer season. I am happy I got this, it is truly meant for the warm weather and I do appreciate the sweet scent.

How about you? What is your favorite mist?

As always thank you for reading! I will see you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Acqua Kiss Fragrance Mist

Victoria's secret aqua kiss
fragrance mist

This is a perfumed spray from Victoria’s secret called Aqua Kiss. It is a mini bottle of 75ml. I picked this up because I wanted something to put inside my bag whenever I need a spray perfume when I am out.

Victoria's secret aqua kiss
fragrance mist
cool waters, bright daisy: make a splash

Victoria’s Secret has a collection of fragrance mists, which has a lot of variants for each moment, unique and perfect for each character.

Fragrance description:

  • Type:fresh
  • fresh water
  • lively daisy
  • impress

I like the fragrance, it is just fresh, no overpowering flower or wood scent at all. Although the description says it has a note of daisy.

I just want to point out that this is not long-wearing, but it is just a simple scent that I want to keep just in case.

They have lots of variants and the prices are not high. They aren’t expensive at all. I had some in the past mostly gifts and this is the first time when I purchased it for myself.

If you want something affordable which will give you a moment of freshness, you will like this! If you do, let me know the scents that you have tried!

Thanks for reading! I will see you in my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Malizia Bonbons

Feel free to dream. Lucky U, the fragrance with the right energy to achieve all desires.

For sunny and bright teenagers, who go in search of fresh tastes and bright colors, here are the Bon Bons by Malizia: not only perfumes with delicious and captivating fragrances, but real cult objects to collect. Fun and impactful graphics, each Eau de Toilette embodies a world of exciting sensations and aroma to discover.

Malizia Bon Bons Lucky u 
eau de toilette
50ml spray

Malizia is a brand which belongs to a company called Mirato. It is born in 1960 during the economic boom period.

Corrado Ravanelli, the president of the company has started production and commercialization of an innnovative product for the italian market: which is a hair spray called Splend’or which became an immediate success within the consumers and the rest is history…

Malizia was launched in the 1980s. It is a brand of body care mainly deodorants. the market for Malizia is for young women. the popular ad recites the jingle: Malizia profumo d’intesa.
When 1990 hits, Malizia came out with a new line dedicated to men: Intesa Pour Homme. This consists of face and body care specific to men who are into sports.
In 1997 Intesa Sex-Unisex came out, deodorant line which caters for both men and women.

Finally in 1998, Bon Bons Malizia is born. It is a line of eau de toilette targeting the young. Because they realize that this age group is not catered with the other Malizia product line. Bon Bons completes Malizia’s offer to all age groups and gender.

Starting the year of 2000. Mirato evolved once again, made lots of expansion by acquisition and production of other beauty brands like: Clinians, Geomar, Breeze, Glicemille, Nidra, and Provenzali.

Mirato’s philosophy has always been about beauty. Since the 1960’s , they dedicate all their energy in this sector.

They have targeted all consumers in 360 of each individual’s needs, men and women, kids and grown-ups, oriental and west

For them, beauty is a way for people to find confidence to go on and work their way up to the challenging direction.
The company wanted to satisfy th einfinite request of each person with the goal of finding the best version of themselves. to be available for all while respecting different cultures, background and environment.

It is proudly italian but at the same time, very versatile to the international community by being able to cater to various and specific need of each individual.

this way, their success of being one of the leader in the beauty sector because of each clients’ satisfaction. flexibility, innovation, rpogression and segmentation of each internal brand. They were able to abide by new trends by refining their technicalproduction, and constant attention to the quality of products, efficient marketing and that is why they are so successful and important in the industry.

Proud to be made in italy,

I am so blown away, guys. I never thought that Malizia is only a tiny portion of such a big company. Whenever I write articles, I actually learn a lot. And this is why I am really glad I created my blog.

And yes to Mirato’s philosophy. I appreciate companies who creates beauty products, keeping in mind that they have various consumers and therefore lots of items to choose from…

What can I say about Bon Bons? I liked it. I am almost done now. I am about to finish it. it is nothing much, the scent is very simple actually. This is an eau de toilette so don’t expect a long-wearing fragrance. This is sweet but not too overpowering and I like it that way. The packaging is really cute and it is a small 50ml bottle which is easy to carry in your bag if you want to. And the theme of each variant is really young-ish LOL hhahhaha you can actually see that the line targets young consumers because of the cuteness of all the bottles, the design and also the names. Well, I don’t mind feeling young hahahaha This is just something that I purchase that I can spray on my clothes mainly, so that they remains fresh when I am out especially with the heat of the summer. I just think it is nice and fresh. And I really didn’t want to spend that much on perfume for now. I still have a couple that I have that I want to enjoy more without pressure.

So I had a good experience about it. It is just ok for me. If you want to try it, let me tell you that this is also affordable so go ahead, no pain in your pockets =P Malizia is available in all local supermarkets and it is not hard to find.

i hope you like this article as always, I’ll see you on my next one!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Giardino dei Sensi Profumo Segreto Narciso

Giardino dei Sensi Profumo Segreto Narciso
Giardino dei Sensi
Profumo Segreto Narciso 100ml

I got this perfume from a local store called Tigotà.
I didn’t expect anything to be honest, out of all the variants available, this is what I like the most.
I love that this is yellow- my favourite color hahha not that it matters. But it is a plus though.

As it is written on the bottle, Narcissus flower is actually a symbol of beauty, sensuality, intimacy and introspection. It is a perfume which is very sensorial and refined, for a woman with an enveloping charm and sweetly intriguing.

I tried to do some reserach about this spray perfume, but I haven’t found that much. Giardino dei Sensi is local and made in Italy. This is super affordable! It is not easy to find in any local store. It is pretty surprising to me because it is floral and aromatic but very sutle and mildly sweet. It is not that strong and I appreciate so much. I love spraying this on my clothes, and… also on my pillows hahahah so when I go to sleep, my bed would be fragrant and relaxing.

This is not long-lasting as I want my perfumes to be but for the price matching its quality, I like it and it is actually good.

My over-all thoughts, it is too nice and not overwhelming, please consider trying it out if you do like floral fragrances.

Thank you for reading. See you on my next article!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Chloé Fleur de Parfum

Chloé Fleur de Parfum

Chloé Fleur de Parfum is a fragrance from the group Floral for Women. This came out back in 2016, created by Michel Almaraic and Mylene Alran. In fact I tried to check their website if this is still available and I didn’t find it anymore so I figured it is not available anymore and instead Chloé came out with new floral fragrances collection.

Chloé Fleur de Parfum

eau de parfum


Top notes are verbena, bergamot and grapefruit; middle notes are rose, cherry blossom, black currant and peach; the base notes are rice, white musk and cedar wood.

Main scents:

  • citrusy
  • rose
  • floral
  • fresh spicy
  • fruity
  • aromatic

And I’d be honest, this has been in my pouch for years now LOL hhahhahha well, not 2016 when it first came out, pretty much recent than that, I am sure hahahah
But what I mean is that this is an exclusive perfume that I keep in my bag so that when I am out I can wear this perfume. So it is just there and surely I don’t use it everyday as much as i use my everyday perfumes.

I have had Chloé perfume bottles in the past, this is not the only Chloè I have used. I am yet to reupload my perfume video in my new channel and once it comes up, I will definitely insert that here if you are curious.

Chloé is a perfume that I will repurchase again and again if I have the chance. i just think that it is so classy and femminine and yet very simple. This mini roller perfume I got because I wanted to carry one in my bag and I just like Chloé so much. I love floral fragrances as well. That is my go to scent. And so I am not in a hurry to use this up and I am enjoying it still.

If you are into femminine floral fragrances, I highly recommend Chloé!


Mandarina Duck

Let’s Travel To New York For Woman di Mandarina Duck came out on 2017. Created by Jean-Pierre Mary, the fragrance belongs to the group of floral wood musk for women.

Mandarina Duck 
Let's travel to new york
for woman

Top notes: italian lemon, bergamotto, green apple
Middle notes: bamboo, jasmine, nettarina, iris, peach
Base notes: musk, legno di cedro, sandal wood

Mandarina Duck 
Let's travel to new york
for woman
eau de toilette

The website describes the perfume as fresh, radiant and sensual. The mix of citrus fruits, italian lemon and bergamotto best describes the energy and dynamic life of the city that never sleeps.
Peach gives a fruit aroma, modern and sophisticated at the same time.
While an elegant bouquet of jasmine underlines the fashion soul of New york.

We can see that the packaging is green, in contrast with intense pink of the cap and stamp. New york skyline is fairly visible on the box with the empire state building. The metallic finish gives a sophisticated look.

I have just started this perfume and so far I am really liking it. This is the type of perfume that is fresh and that is what I look for in a fragrance.

Cacharel Yes I Am

I have used up this perfume, yey!

Guess where I found out about this perfume? Youtube LOL I know hahahha. I was looking for a new brand to try. And when I saw that someone is talking about this, it got me intrigued. The shape of the bottle is really cute and it resembles a tube of lipstick. The packaging I think is one of a kind. I really like it, You all know how I love make up. This is genius packaging, it is not something you see all the time. The way the girl described the scent also made me curious. so I thought, alright, I want to give this a try.

Perfumes are one of the beauty items that I used to hoard hahahhaa. Don’t come for me, I am being honest! And I had a fair share in the past, I even collected the bottles. LOL! I don’t anymore. Even though I want to I had to declutter all. And now that I have finished up this bottle of perfume, all I can do is take pictures and talk about what my experience is using this fragrance.

Yes I am

Cacharel Yes I am

this is a 30ml bottle and it comes with a cap but it is just to keep for travelling purposes.

According from my research, Cacharel is said to be the brand of the eternal youth. It is created in 1958 by Jean Bousquet. Cacharel is a brand synonymous to youth, romanticism and freedom. And I quote, This exists to empower young women on their path to femininity celebrating positive and memorable first times.

This fragrance came out in the year 2018. The Yes I Am collection is created by Honorine Blanc e Christophe Raynaud which is made up of 3 fragrances. This collection celebrates empowered independent young women to express their identity and uniqueness: diverse, outspoken and determined to get what they want and deserve, while happily obsessing over celebs or even sharing the latest trends in make-up.

Yes I am
the bottle resembles a tube of lipstick, it’s just really cute to display on top of your vanity.

Each perfume has a corresponding color to claim a facet of a personality:

  • the power girl with Yes I Am (Red)
  • the cool girl with Yes I Am Pink First
  • the unexpected one with the new Yes I Am Fabulous (Purple)

Supported by an engaged and digital-native squad of influencers and consumers, all sharing strong messages of self-affirmation, Cacharel Parfums is a millennials loved brand.

Yes I Am
Yes I Am (red)

Olfactory group: amber floral group

The top notes iclude raspberry, tangerine, lemon and bergamotto

middle notes are gardenia, ginger flower, amber, jasmine, rose, orange blossom.

Base notes are milk, caramel, vanilla, cardamom, licorice, coumarin, benzoin, amberwood, sandalwood

I have to be honest, at first I really like this perfume and then I started to notice the sweetness of it and I feel like it is not as pleasing as I expected. It is too sweet for my own liking. I love perfumes with floral scents. I avoid fruity and sweet scents especially wood scents, I am just not a fan. I am more into fresh and nice. Cacharel is not the best fragrance I have ever tried. It is not even expensive I guess, for the price that I paid for this bottle it’s not really a big deal. I don’t think I will ever purchase this again. At this point, I was just tired using it and haven’t been enjoying it just recently.

The Cacharel Yes I am perfume is something I would recommend for girls more than women. It is true what they declared in their website, it is more of younger women’s generation’s fragrance (millenials) and in my opinion, women of my age is searching for something more elegant and refined when it comes to scents.

I am just happy I am able to finish it up.

What do you think, have you ever tried this perfume? if you did, did it meet your expectations? Are you a fan of the scent?

Laura Biagiotti Roma eau de toilette ROSA

Laura Biagiotti Roma 
eau de toilette ROSA
natural spray 

I was able to purchase this from Acqua e Sapone. I had a little bit of a discount. This is Roma and it now belongs to my empties.

Roma is an iconic perfume from Laura Biagiotti. This came out in 1988, it is a perfume inspired and created from eternal beauty being charming and arousing emotions which are diverse, warm, sensual and mysterious.

Laura Biagiotti Roma 
eau de toilette ROSA
natural spray 

Eau de Toilette

natural spray

25 ml

the essence and the bottle packaging inspired to a section of a roman column recalls the city and its art

Laura Biagiotti Roma 
eau de toilette ROSA
natural spray 
25 ml bottle

olfactory group: oriental spicy

The top note has the incandescent freshness coming from buds of cassis, bergamotto from Sicilly and a touch of mint.

The flowered middle note is derived from jasmine, rose, lilies of the valley and carnations.

Passion, sensuality is in the magic of the balsam plant being the base note and all of the following:

  • Myrrh: woody, warm, aromatic and pungent
  • Amber: warm, powdery, sweet scent
  • Vanilla: sweet, cozy, comforting
  • Patchouli: earthy, herbaceous and woodsy

When I first used this a bunch of times, I was undecided whether I like it or not. There is something in there that drew me in but at the same time I sense some fragrance notes that is not my jam. But the thing that I really appreciate more is that it is long lasting. It remained on my clothes, on my skin, it is just incredible. That is when I realized that the more the perfume lingers, the more it becomes more and more fragrant. That is what I like in my bottle of perfume. Plus the packaging is also unique in my opinion. I don’t think any brand ever thought of recreating a city’s art and essence. I do think it is well-made, and very classy. If I have to rate this out of 10, I will give it an 8!

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