Dior Addict

Ciao everyone! Here in this article, I am gonna share with you my latest find.


Dior Addict

This is a moistursing high shine lipstick from Dior with 90% of the ingredients to be natural. I am happy that this is refillable too! the maison said that the eco-sustainability is a concept they took to reduce impact on the environment.

So Dior came out with a bunch of refillable lipsticks and I think that is amazing. I have had a Dior lipstick in the past which unfortunately I have never been able to use again but I kept the packaging still as a remembrance.

They also came out with ultra-couture packaging inspired by the Maison’s runway creations: Indigo Denim, Pink Cannage and Metallic Silver.

I am very basic, I like a simple black packaging so I chose this one. To me it is really elegant.

Dior Addict Lipstick
Dior Addict lipstick

the dior addict lipstick is high-shine with vinile effect and intense color. It sublimates the lips with its radiant and luminous nuances, infused with a sensational brilliance.

Dior Addict Lipstick


  • 6 hours of hold and shine
  • 24 hours of hydration
  • infused with jasmine floral treatment with hydrating properties
  • available in a color palette that allows you to show off your style
  • ability to customize the lipstick indefinitely.


The formula is ultra-moisturising, with an exceptional level of hydration and shine.

Has jasmine wax- Christian Dior’s beloved flower, moisturising, allows fluid and comfortable texture.

Plum oil- rich in essential fatty acids and omega. Nourishes and protects the lips for 24 hours

Vegetable oil- for the ideal dispersion of the pigments guaranteeing extreme brilliance

Dior Addict Lipstick
745 redvolution
745 Redvolution

A whopping 40 shiny shades, from red to pinks, nude to bricks, and a series of deep shades of rosewood

It is adviced to apply at least two layers of the lipsticks, and it is really an easy product to apply whenever it is necessary.

I like how the lipstick is really bright but at the same time it is flattering and it does gives the lips softness and hydration. It is incredible. It’s like wearing a lipstick and a lipgloss with a lipbalm all in one!

By the way, I bought this mainly for my everyday pouch. So this is a lipstick that I would reach for when I am out. And that is why I chose red as this is very universal and timeless.

Guys, I know that this is expensive. But luckily I got it on a discount!

And let’s be honest here, I have featured my make up collection here in my blog and I have all of them from drugstore to highend. And I choose my make up based on its performance.

I must say that Dior Addict is all worth it if you just want at least one- one lipstick that you can wear everyday. There are lots of shades to choose from and it is just pretty and easy to use, no fuss. It does wear out easily not like matte lipsticks I must admit (because most of my make up should last me at least a day! ) but if I have it with me, I can always reapply it. I don’t like matte lipsticks anyway. I much prefer hydrating creamy lipsticks!

Plus! You can just buy refills and continue to use the packaging that you have! I love it!

I hope you like this article! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.


Make up
My little sister

I would like to dedicate this article to the face of this website: my sister.

Today she is born in year 2002.

Fase beauty
Make up artistry
2017 Exam day: make up artistry

Brand new phase

Today is a special day. And I can’t believe I have reached another “Fase” in my life.

Fase is the italian word for phase and I have always associated beauty with the various moon phases. In a book that we used back at the make up school, there is a chapter that tackles about lighting in photography as something important for makeup. Just like the moon. Each phase brings out the beauty of the moon. The light becomes dispensable for make up to be enhanced in each feature of the human face.

Thus, the name I chose Fase Beauty.

Another meaning behind it is the different facets that beauty has. Both inner and outer beauty comes not only with make up, skin care, hair care but also body care. It is true that what we eat and drink reflects our outer appearance.

When I have faced a great challenge regarding my health, I know I cannot just ignore it. My body is talking to me and I have to listen.

Now, fast forward to today, I am facing a brand new stage in my life and thus I shall continue to to push more to improve my inner health and being.

And I am glad I’m not twenty anymore…

Ageing is a gift, and I am happy to be here in this stage of my life in which I can care more about my overall health. As I go along thru life, I have learned that beauty comes in many phases in many forms. I appreciate myself more in all of my phases. And I know now that I don’t have to be slim, I don’t have to add weight, I just want to be strong and healthy.

My only wish is to have more time to take care of myself and be happy to be able to in turn, take care of my loved ones. I wish to fulfill the passion and purpose I have in this world and to be able to share what I can.

Fase beauty
Karen Obim
Brand new
Brand new me 🙂
new hair color by Viscontini Hairdressers

Thank you for being a part of this blog Fase Beauty. I appreciate you.

Thank you for reading my articles. I hope I have helped in my own little way to add to your learning and knowledge.

Always remember to smile… and most of all:

Stay beautiful!

Colourpop Lippie Stix

This is the second time I am trying out colourpop make up items. The single eyeshadows wowed me and now it’s time for me to share with you my thoughts about these lipsticks!

I got three shades :

  • Brink
  • Love life
  • Trust me

Brink is a nude color leaning towards the rosey brown shade. And this is my bet when it comes to lip colors for me it is very wearable.

Love life is a cool toned red with more orange. I think for me this is more a toned down red and not as striking. I can probably wear this more than the true red color.

Trust me is the reddest out of all the three and this is just me.. red is not really my favourite and this is such a strong color and very bold. If you are into reds, this is gonna be for you!

Colourpop Lippie Stix swatches
Colourpop Lippie Stix Swatches

If you are curious about my thoughts, check out my video!

Lippie Stix Wear test

Colourpop supershock shadows

These are new to me so this is so exciting!

Colourpop Supershock shadow
Ultra metallic

This is the ultra metallic shadow called Moonwallk

this is the most gorgeous metallic shade I have ever tried. It is truly amazing.

Colourpop Supershock Shadow 
Ultra glitter

This is the ultra glitter eyeshadow called DGAF. And this is very pretty.

Here are the swatches

Moonwalk is more on the yellow shade with red specks as a duochrome

DGAF is a reddish brown with tiny gold glitters

If you are interested on my thoughts about these, check out my video, guys!

Lip Balm and Lip glosses

This is the last article in my series: make up collection.

Finally, we are done! Yey! I am so happy with how I made progress with my collection over the years. Last but not the least, may I present to you my lip glosses and lip balm.

Lip balm and lip gloss

I have never been into lipglosses, I always say that on my videos ever since I started filming about make up.

I have tried very few in the past as well, some I’ve decluttered but never once panned a lipgloss. I have finished up lipsticks but never lipglosses.

I don’t like the feel of it on my lips. I’d rather apply lipsticks. There are lipsticks out there that has a creamy or even shiny formula so I don’t think I need lipglosses. To be honest, I don’t think it is necessary.

Lip glosses

So this is the reason why I only have 2 in my items right now. I didn’t even bought these, these are given to me by my dad.

I both enjoy them so I don’t mind keeping them but like what I said I can actually live without them.

This is from Flormar this the Supershine lip gloss in Bronze Statue.

Flormar is a brand under a direct selling brand called Stanhome.’It is made in Turkey. This actually surprised me. I like it. And it’s incredible to me!

Here is the second one which is quite new. It’s from Bella Oggi Italia gloss royale in 04 Venus Pink.

Again another lip gloss that I don’t mind keeping. It is really good and the shade is so pretty. It adds a little bit of pink on my lipstick. I already said that I am more into pinks and nudes rather than reds, browns and peaches when it comes to lip products.

I like lipbalms though. These are more important I think. They are necessary for our lips’ hydration which is as important as our skin.

Lip balm

I am currently trying to finish this up as you can see I am scraping this to death hahahah

This is Nutritic Levres from my favourite brand La Roche-Posay. I didn’t plan on buying this, but I saw it beside the cash register at the farmacia when I bought something. And I lit up because La Roche Posay is a brand that I adore. So I just picked it up. I am really glad I did! It is a wonder like all of the other products.

And i bought a back up! This is another lip care item again from La Roche-Posay. This I wanna try because of my good experience of the Nutritic.

I have yet to try this as you can see, it is still in the box. Once I am done with the other lipbalms, I will for sure share my experience with you.

And then my dad gave this to me so I have another one to try. This is new. The brand I am not familiar with but of course I am curious if this is gonna be good.

Yves saint laurent is the one that i keep inside my pouch. I carry that pouch with me in my bag always. So when I need a lip balm I have this.

Yves saint laurent tint lip balm

This is also almost gone. I still want to scrape the product lol just for the sake of finishing it. Guys, this is high end and I paid a lot for this. So I’m just gonna get every ounce of the product hahahaha.

The formula is not my jam. I am gonna be honest with you. I have tried other lip balms from other high end brands and this is not the one. I think it is pretty oily on the lips. I don’t like that I look like I ate something oily hahaha imagine that.

And so it kinda confused me because it feels like the formula is a middle ground between lip balms and lip glosses. And like what I said I like proper hydration but the feel of similarity with lipglosses is not the best for me.

I do appreciate though that it has a bit of color. I really like it a lot. The aesthetic of the product and the packaging is amazing. But it is not something I will purchase again.

That’s it! It’s a wrap!

Again, I am really happy with what I have. I can now enjoy the makeup items more. Next year, I would have to deal with these again, somehow, for the ones that I will keep.

Guys, I now realize that even though I love make up, I know that I only have one face. Unless I’m gonna freelance again or even then. I want to make it a point not to waste products.

Just continue using what you have or what you enjoy and it’s a great feeling, I promise you.

I’ve had a huge collection in the past and I don’t want to go back to that. I just want simple and minimal.

I want minimal but meaningful

Thank you for reading the make up collection series. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share in the comments what are the make up products you have in 2021 that you think is important for you. Let me know. Share your thoughts!

November make up basket finale

These are the items that I chose for this month.

November make up basket
November make up basket finale

Now the month is done and this is the result!

November makeup basket finale!

I hit pan on 2 out of 8 eyeshadows from Lorac Pro! Yey! I thought it’s gonna be tough! But it’s a success.

Lorac Pro eyeshadows

5 small eyeshadows from the Color Workshop palette- I pretty much used them but I don’t like the formula so I’m just gonna declutter those!

Halfway through the month, I added two little eyeshadow sets from the Deborah Milano Color Symphony palette pinks and blues. No progress at all although I used them quite a bit. I will declutter them because I’m not impressed with the formula of this as well.

The Color Workshop eyeshadows
Deborah Milano Color Symphony eyeshadows

ultraviolet katvon d holographic palette- no pan still! This is the only pan out of four of that palette but it’s not going away.

2 single eyeshadows from wycon cosmetics – no pan still! These are huuuge. But I really love the peach shade for the crease and the formula is blendable.

Lancome paris teint idole foundation stick – The formula is so creamy! I’m actually surprised. It’s a stick foundation but I didn’t reach for it that much because the shade is too dark for me. I want to still keep it though. I also tried using it as a contour cream but with the mask and all, it’s just hard for me to use it that much.

maybelline matte sensational lip in wickedly white – I am done with this with this lipstick. I used this a lot during thepast few months. I need to let this go, I’m not gonna carry this on december. I have pretty much done very little progress but it still a progress, you know.

MAC cosmetics lipstick in tropic tonic -no progress at all so I am gonna keep it still! I love the formula!

Flormar supershine lipgloss- I superlove the formula so of course I will still keep it!

I enjoyed this basket a lot! Let’s do the next basket of the last month of the year!

Hello December!

Eyeshadow palettes and Singles

eyeshadow collection
urban decay
wycon cosmetics
mac cosmetics
lorac pro
kat von d holographic eyeshadow 
nabla cosmetics
make up geek 
pupa milano
marc jacobs
natasha denona
deborah milano
My current eyeshadow collection

Finally! We are on the eyeshadows! Yey!

As you can see, I don’t have much! All I want you to know is that I have religiously used my eyeshadows through the years.

For now, as of 2021, and as we near the end of the year, this is where I am at.

viseart bridal satin palettte
lorac pro palette
wycon cosmetics palette
My depotted single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes

I am gonna start off with my Nars magnetic palette. I also want to mention that I have magnetic palettes because I used them back in my kit. But now, I have decreased my items like what I said so I am able to depot some of my palettes and I combined some with the single eyeshadows.

I only have a few single eyeshadows. I really do prefer palettes to be honest with you except maybe MaC Pro because Mac as used by most Professional Make up Artists, they offer palettes in which you can put in the single eyeshadows that you prefer to be able to build the palette. Aside from Mac, I have purchased and have been able to try out the following:

Wycon Cosmetics

-I have a couple of colours, these are numbers 10 peach and 85 green. I must say that these are huuuuge. And I have tried the peach shade as a blush. But it isn’t that great for the cheeks Lol But it’s perfect for the eyes. I use it a lot for my crease. While the green shade, I barely touched it. I don’t know why I got the colour because it is not easy to use at least not for a natural everyday look. The formula is nice, not really long lasting in my opinion but blends well. It is not that pigmented but you can build it up.


-I have the shade Virgin Island. This is the first and probably the last Nabla make up item I will ever try. I guess I was just curious. But the brand doesn’t really inspire me at all. It is made in Italy who ‘s able to dominate the international scene. Despite that fact that I don’t care that much about the brand, this shade is amazing. I like it a lot. But then again, it is not a shade which is easy to use. The formula is nice. It is more vibrant if you use your finger rather than the brush to apply it on the lid.

Make up Geek

-this is pretty neutral. The shade is called mesmerized fouled eyeshadow. And I have had this shade in some of the palettes that I own, and that is the main reason why I haven’t reach for it that much. So I cannot really comment about it apart from the fact that the shade is really pretty and a natural everyday colour. So this is really nice to use as an overall eyeshadow for the lid. It is made in the USA and make up geek became well known because of youtube.


– I bought these mainly for my kit. I have one single eyeshadow called carbon that I depotted from the single eyeshadow packaging. And I own the pro palette and unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it. I only got five single refills.

  • Sour lemon yellow
  • Cobalt purple
  • Kelly green
  • Electric eel matte blue
  • Fresh water dark blue

These are not that cheap that is why I can’t let them go. Again these are shades that are pretty normal shades except for the green and yellow. Unless you do a colorful look.

I used to like these. I don’t know about the formula, but maybe because they are getting old that the pay off isnt that great anymore. As a result, I don’t reach for them that much. I mean, I pulled them out of my kit meaning to use them for myself but wasn’t inspired to.

KVD holographic palette

-this is a palette that I truly sincerely love. It is the curiosity that got me. During that year, KVd exploded. I wanted to buy lots of her items, but the only one that I could afford was this palette LOL honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t justify the price of her foundation, eyeliner, etc. she is not high end but not cheap either. And during that time I already had foundations that I love. I saw this at the store and I fell in love. If you are curious, I also reviewed this in my channel

The packaging is gorgeous and unique. The palette has 4 shades inside. And it can be used for both eyes and cheeks as a highlighter. And that is to me a bonus. The colours are so beautiful and holographic but, I never thought of using purple, blue and green on my cheeks hahaha pink is acceptable as a cheek highlighter but the other shades aren’t. I love using these for the eyes. I hit pan on the other 3 and got rid of them as they were old already and this is the only remaining shade that I kept because I want to hit pan on it as well. I am keeping it until then.

Lorac Pro

-this is what I want to say, if you are looking for a perfect neutral palette. I mean, P-E-R-F-E-C-T, I highly do recommend this. It has everything, from white to black, to lighter shades and darker shades, you have mattes, transition shades, crease shades, outer v shades, you have a glitter, you have shimmers, from gold to copper, I mean, it is all in there. Whoever created the colour story is genius. I have never tried a lot of palettes I must tell you, but in just one look, this is the one.

I have this for quite sometime now. And the pigmentation is still insane. All of the eyeshadows, no exception, all of them are long wearing! If I will have a complaint, it is too powdery. But with the pay off, I don’t even care, you can always tap your brush, be light-handed, clean the fall outs afterwards. It is a bit of a nuissance but I can control it after all. I kind of suspect that they are pressed pigments but it doesn’t say that they are. My overall review is that the palette is gorgeous, some of the eyeshadows I practically finished and some I hit pan on. These are the only remaining shadows that I want to pan before letting them go.

Urban decay palette

-This is the third palette that I have ever owned from urban decay. And I like the formula, it is almost at par with the quality of the Lorac palettes. The packaging is gorgeous but it is too bulky that is why I decide to depot the eyeshadows and just get rid of the packaging. I didn’t want to but I had to. I didn’t have a lot of space in my drawer. And this is a palette that I don’t intend to keep for a long time. These aren’t really my shades. I only bought this because of my kit. So I’m still gonna keep these until I would hit pan on them. This is not budget-friendly and I got this only because of the sales.

Viseart bridal satin palette

-This palette is suuuuuper expensive guys. I wouldn’t have bought this in another life LOL if I wasn’t building up my kit, I wouldn’t even have considered this. Viseart palettes are expensive but there is a reason why this is the go-to brand of the professional make up artists. This is what you call a professional brand in line with Mac Cosmetics. I would be honest with you, I actually prefer these eyeshadows over Mac.

These are mainly shimmers that are dispensable for doing wearable natural make up looks.

I highly do recommend this.

Again, it pains me to get rid of the packaging because it is also part of the cost. But I do want to combine this with my other eyeshadows.

Now let’s discuss the other eyeshadow palettes that I have.

Viseart petite pro 1

-same goes with this palette, it’s as good as the bridal satin palette. I love this palette especially during travel. This is so small and cute easy to carry and put inside the make up bag. It has a small mirror. The shades are perfect for an everyday effortless look. It includes black, white, gold mattes and shimmers. It’s a reduced version of the Lorac Pro palette imo.

Natasha Denona mini sunset palette

-this is a mini that I got mainly because of wanting to try a Natasha Denona eyeshadow formula. The brand is expensively wow. Now I want to give my two cents about this. Maybe because of the mini version, I don’t know if the quality is much low because of the price point. But the formula is meh. The mattes are amazing but the shimmers and metallic is not long wearing, they look great on the lid but don’t last at all. So this is a no for me. The hype is too much in my opinion.

Marc Jacobs style eye-con no.3 106 the rebel

-the rebel palette packaging is sleek and elegant. Very luxurious. It’s even encased in a pouch with a mini applicator included. The formula is good but not great, blends well, dry formula, not powdery at all. This looks sophisticated if you ever bring this with you. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times in my channel,I like bringing this with me during travels back when there isn’t Covid yet. It is either this or the viseart palette. I use these shadows both for the eyes and the face. The darkest as an eyeliner, the fuscia as a blush and the lightest as a higlighter.

Pupa Milano haute couture miss butterfly cofanetto trucco

-this is new to me. And this us actually new. It is still inside the box so I haven’t tried this yet. So.. no comment! I’ m just gonna let you know in the future!

Deborah Milano color symphony palette

-the original packaging is sooo bulky! So I depotted them all and it wasn’t difficult because they are removable and that inside the kit is another smaller palette in which you can compose the colors that you like. Beauty and Bliss magnetic palette is my personal palette. So I decided to fit them all in there plus the mini palette which is actually cute.

The formula is not pigmented at all. I had to dip in my brush really hard to get the color. It’s a shame cause the mattes actually lasts long. The shimmers are not really shimmers though LOL

Deborah Milano small palette

Another palette from Deborah Milano. The formula is consistent with the other palette, packaging is also bulky. I really am not impressed. These are not expensive at all, Deborah Milano is a local brand made in Italy but the quality is almost quite there especially the mattes but there is something missing and not appealing, maybe the packaging or the colour story, it is just too much.

Urban Decay Moondust palette

Last but not the least, the tantalizing: moondust palette from Urban decay.

Do you see how beautiful it is! If you are into glitters, guys, this is a-ma-zingly beautiful. I can’t recommend this enough. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a glitter glue with this. This is kinda messy to apply just like all loose glitters or pressed glitters. But it’s just amazing. There’s just no words to describe it. The theme is moondust! And it really is celestial in that sense. Oh heavens! If it is still available I would tell you to try this but unfortunately, it is not anymore.

Even if I’m not gonna use this palette maybe I’ll keep it just for a remembrance!

So those are the eyeshadows that I own as of this year. If you’ve reached the end, thank you for reading and I will see you again on my final two articles about my make up collection series. Ciao!

Liquid eyeshadows

We are halfway through my make up collection series. And here in this article I will share with you my eyeshadows, particularly: liquid eyeshadows.

It’s not a big deal, I only have 3. I am not really into liquid eyeshadows I mainly own powder ones.

These actually were living in my kit back then, they are just minis and I am pretty sure that they are almost gone at this point.

They are truly beautiful. And I have used these a lot for other people’s faces.

I think I’ve talked about this in my other videos as well. These are from Stila.

Stila glitter liquid eyeshadows

These are glittery and shiny.

I have three: diamond dust, gold goddess and kitten karma

These are just minis that I was able to buy because of a discount. The original full size are pretty costly so I am just glad I am able to try them out.

Let me know if you ever tried Stila liquid eyeshadows. They are amazing, right!

Lash and Brow Mascaras

These are the only lash and brow products that I own as of 2021

Lash and brow mascara
Wet n wild
Loreal paris
My lash and brow products

It is amazing to me how I was able to minimize these.

Although I must admit that I don’t hoard mascaras at all. Ever since, I always try to keep only one, the one that I use and maybe a back up. Although in the past, I always tend to buy one once the other one is done. I keep them maximum three months and then I change, especially when they start to dry up.

So now I only have two.

Wet n Wild XXL Lash

Wet n wild xxl lash mascara

I am not impressed with this mascara. I have tried others better than this. The formula is so dry that I even thought the tube was empty when I first opened the plastic. LoL

Wet n wild xxl lash mascara wand

The wand isn’t something that would curl, give volume or length. It is a typical mascara wand. The name XXL suggests volume, I guess. But I didn’t notice that my lashes are extra extra large when I apply this hahahahaah

This is drugstore and honestly, I didn’t buy it. My dad gave it to me. I’m still grateful I am able to try it just to see.

Nars Climax

This is a back up. I haven’t opened it yet. It’s just a mini

This is a part of a set of minis from Nars. And I haven’t opened this yet. It is gonna be a back up.

Another product from Wet n Wild is the Megaclear Mascara for both lashes and brows.

Wet n wild
Megaclear mascara

Again, this is a back up. I tried to use it in one of my videos and from then I haven’t use it since.

I have bought this in the past. And I like that I can use it both for lashes and brows.

Finally, the one that I am curretly using now for the brows is from L’oreal Paris. This is my second purchase. this is not new to me. And I like it a lot. This is called Plump & Set Brow Artist in 108 Dark Brunette.

Loreal paris plump & set brow artist
Brow gel

I think this is a valid product for the price that you pay. The wand is perfect for the brows. You don’t even need an eyebrow pencil. If you are on the go, you can apply thisvery easily and you’ll have your brows.

Out of all the brow products I’ve tried this is the best. And that explains why I have repurchased this because I know I can’t go wrong.

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