L'oreal Paris Infaillible 24hour
More than concealer
329 cashew

This is a new entry in my make up collection and I was excited. You can check out my video on youtube, if you are curious!

I just finished my one and only concealer and I was looking for something else just or make a change and to be able to try out other products, too.

This I got when I was shopping at UPIM. It is a local retail store carrying a lot of stuff from make up to clothes, shoes and home accessories. I came across the shelf of L’Oreal Paris make up.

In fact this month, I am gonna feature make up items from L’Oreal and I hope you will like this series.

This is a high coverage face concealer with a Waterproof formula. It is 24h long wear. And that is always a surprise to me whenever make up promises to stay for a specific amount of time and I do understand because there are people out there who work long hours and would need a strong long lasting power make up.

It also claims to be ideal for covering dark circles and correcting facial imperfections.

It has a maxi applicator which for me is super huge lol!

The new mat formula with 30% colored pigments is now enriched with a mix of oils that make the texture light and easy to apply, providing 24h hydration. It blends perfectly with the skin, for a natural and luminous finish.

Waterproof and no transfer formula.

Plus it is available in 15 shades to suit every skin tone. And I think that is awesome!

That is a bunch of claims that with some I don’t agree with. In my blog I usually post articles that I love and truly want to share because I know it can benefit someone else. It is very rare that I talk about stuff that didn’t impress me that much.

But for the sake of talking about make up, I do want to be transparent and honest. And of course yes, you already saw this, too, in my beauty haul. That is why I decided I still do want to talk about stuff that maybe I like less than the others or simply just didn’t work for me just to share with you my thoughts about it.

Pick up a small amount of product with the brush applicator for ultra-precise and comfortable application, then blend evenly for a natural, mattifying finish.

1. Choose a shade similar to that of your skin, then apply a small amount of More Than Concealer directly on imperfections, spreading it with the help of your fingers, a brush or a make-up sponge.

2. Choose a shade one to two tones lighter than your natural skin colour, then apply More Than Concealer under the eyes and blend to cover dark circles. The eyes will be brighter and younger looking.

3. Choose a shade two/three tones darker than the natural color of the skin to contour and add volume to the face.

First of all, this is high coverage concealer and I’m not surprised if it is thick in consistency. And it is not something that I look for in my concealer. Especially that for my undereyes. I don’t have problems under my eyes so I don’t need a mat or a full coverage formula.

Yes, I confirm it has a mat finish so please be mindful. It accentuated dryness around my eyes that I didn’t think even exists, you know. I tried everything. I applied less product as I could. But it is so so creamy and thick. I tried it with a sponge and a brush and the best solution for me is my fingers, just blending it very lightly.

No hydration at all and I don’t think it is natural or luminous as they claim the formula to be.

I am not sure if this is waterproof at all because I never had the opportunity to test it that way. Long wearing? Hmmm yes I must say it does stay a long while. Because I go to work in the morning and come back home it isn’t going anywhere. At least I have to give that to l’Oreal.

But unfortunately this is not the concealer for me. I should have researched more. This is a drugstore product but still I hate wasting money for a product that I am not satisfied with.

I am trying my best to use it with my other concealer products. But so far, I am not happy.

I hope this article helped you a little bit. This is just me and my needs and my experience.

Of course I will continue to use it and give it a chance and I will update you maybe on youtube 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. I will see you on my next article! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

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Make up Mini haul Update

Mini Make up Haul 
make up
eyeshadow palette
brow pencil
miscellar water

I want to write about this especially because this has been all the make up that I bought last year 2021. After a year I’d like to share my thoughts on these make up items.

I have a video update which is on my youtube channel!


  • Maybelline Superstay matte ink in 20 Pioneer
  • Dior Backstage Custom Eye palette
  • Maybelline New York limited edition: instant anti age concealer in nude, Garnier Miscellar Water All in 1, pouch

MAC Cosmetics

  • Mac x9 palette in Amber
  • Extended Play Gigablack Lash
  • Brows Styler in Stud

There is a reason why I have chosen these products last year. They are the ones that I trust ever since and have been very loyal to them. That is so true with Maybelline instant Age, Garnier Miscellar Water, MAC Gigablack lash and Brow Styler! They are not new to me. And I have always been very satisfied, I think these are the make up products that have been consistent with their formula all through out the years. They have been the same as I remember them to be. And that is a positive thing to me.

As for both the new eyeshadow palettes from Dior and MAC, I am sorry to say that I can not give you an update because I haven’t practically open them yet hahahahha. I know I am wierd but I promise this coming 2023 I already have included those in my make up baskets. I will surely let you know.

Maybelline Superstay matte ink surprised me. Everybody wanted it when it came out and were saying a lot of good comments about this. If you love liquid lipsticks with a matte formula then this might be your preference. But I know I am not hahahah I got it mainly just because I was looking for a long wearing lipstick and everybody said this is the best they have ever tried but I just cannot leave my old creamy lipstick bullets. Matte is not for me as I don’t like the drying effect and liquid is not my jam. I found bullet lipsticks are easier to apply. To be honest it isn’t that bad. But I know this isn’t a lip product that I would gladly use everyday. I also prefer pinks and nudes, not a fan of reds. But I chose red just because I want one in my collection as it is a classic, in my opinion, and that I already have a few pinks so I figured a red will be an addition to my lip products.

How about you? What are the make up products that you purchased in the past that is still your go-to? I would love to hear from you, drop a comment down in the comment section!

Thank you so much for reading! Ciao!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Equilibra Love’s Nature eye pencils

This is really a funny one. I have discussed a brand here in my blog but mostly about the main product line which is vitamins and food supplement although I did some research and I found out that they also have a beauty line, I didn’t figure out sooner that I actually own one!! No, actually two!
So I was just blown away!

Equilibra Love’s Nature 
Eye pencils
Equilibra Love’s Nature
Eye pencils

This is the brand from Equilibra. They have a line called Love’s Nature Make up naturale

And these are all paraben free silicon free nopetrolatum and PEG, without synthetic coloring agents

I own two eye pencils one white and one violet

This is so affordable , and the pencil traces a smooth line which will define the eye’s intense look. And there are a bunch of colors available.

These natural wood pencils contain lead rich in mineral pigments, waxes and natural oils.
Everything about it is made of natural ingredients and the pigments come from natural resources, too.

In fact the line is born out of passion for nature. The ingredients are all natural, thus the name of the line And all the products are 100% made and designed in Italy and nickel tested.

Equilibra Love’s Nature 
Eye pencils
Equilibra Love’s Nature
Eye pencils swatches: white and violet

The thing that I always try to search for in my make up is the longevity. I apply it in the morning and expect it to last me for a long while. I dont bring any with me for touch ups, just powder and lipstick that is all.

I also want to be honest, like in all of my articles I try my best to be objective and give you my honest opinion about all of the products that I tried and used.

These pencils don’t last that long. I have never found one anyway because usually pencils for me especially dark ones either smudges or just completely disappear LOL!
And that is the main reason why I don’t reach for them always. I don’t feel the need to because of the risk of looking like a mess at the end of the day hehe.

Aaccording to the product description, these pencils are compatible to sensitive skin, nichel tested, dermatologically tested and oftalmologist tested.

Yes, I have sensitive skin but I never ever encountered any eye makeup that gave me any problems at all so I cannot speak about that. Well, I am just gonna mention these pencils didn’t irritate my eyes at all and I think that is a good thing. So if your eyes are sensitive, you are free to use or at least try these pencils.

Between these two colors I actually like the white one. White makes my eyes appear larger and that I appreciate. Although it is quite a bit soft, there is truly pigment in there. While the purple one, yeah I don’t really reach for it that much. I am so not into dark colors anyway in general. But again, these are not long-wearing enough for me. So you have to keep that in mind. It is something that won’t last that long. But if you like colors and just a simple eye pencil that you can use even for a short time, maybe these pencils will suite your taste.

That is all I am gonna say.

I hope you like this article. If you love make up and you are curious about this particular product I hope this helped a bit.

Again, thank you so much for reading. I’ll see you soon. Ciao

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. All the products that I feature here in my blog I purchased myself. My opinion is based on my experience upon trying and using the product.

Nars Sheer Glow

This is one of the foundations that I would be holding on to if I have normal skin, the finish is just amazing! And even when I have problematic skin I am able to make it work. Unfortunately, I had to mix it with my other foundations because of my oily skin. And it just has a dreamy finish.

This will not entirely cover your skin but it will just give it a luminous, uniform and natural look.

This sheer glow foundation has a light consistency and liquidy. Therefore it is so easy to extend on your skin with less efforts improving the skin texture and radiance.
While it leaves the skin hydrated, luminous, soft and smooth-looking.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

And finally I am able to find the right shade for me and I am very satisfied about that. There are a ton of skin shades to choose from that will suit your skin tone.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
1 oz / 30ml

According to the product description in their website, it claims that constant use improves the luminosity and skin texture. Even before the pandemic, I have used this constantly everyday at work and I don’t think it did something on my problematic skin. I have large pores and a lot of redness and skin texture. I didn’t experience any bad reaction but I didn’t see any improvements either.

Other claims on the product description:

  • blendable
  • veiled coverage
  • luminous and natural finish
  • no parabens
  • no alcohol
  • no perfume
  • dermatologically tested
  • ophthalmologust tested
  • non comodegenic

It is also appropriate for all skin types. And yes, I do agree with that. Because I am able to make it work despite the skin issues that I have.

The main formula that all Nars foundations has is the NARS Complexion Brightening. And it is a formula that they are so proud of.

Benefits of each of the important formula of the foundation:

  • glycerin is one of the humectant substance most used and efficient. attracts and maintains hydration, preventing dryness and securing comfort which lasts all day. It makes the skin perfectly hydrated, luminous and bright
  • vitamin c derivatives contributes to illuminating the skin and minimizing the skin blemishes. this illuminates and protects the skin at the same time
  • turmeric extract, a plant pertaining to the same family of ginger plants, improves the luminosity of the skin and uniforms complexion

It is advised to squeeze a little bit of foundation, at least 2-3 pumps at the palm of your hand warm it a little bit and apply it using your thumb. The heat of the hand helps to mix and extend the foundation correctly to give a natural finish. It is very effortless, no need for such a complicated application no brush or sponge if you are in hurry.

Personally, I love to use the sponge though. Just be mindful because of the liquid formula. I like that it doesn’t emphasize skin lines and texture. In my opinion, this is really good. So if you have the chance, check it out. This might be that one foundation for you.

YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm

YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm

This has been in my make up pouch inside my bag for years now. And I admit I don’t use it that much because it is there only for me to use when I am out.

YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm
YSL Voluptè tint-in-balm 6

This make up item is from Yves Saint Laurent

And I know that this is not, again, an affordable product. But I want to reassure you that I got a discount when I purchased this! lol! And when I do purchase high-end items, I make sure it is gonna be worth every cent.

According to the YSL beauty website, this is described to be:
two formula
double the benefits

And I sure do agree with that. This tint-in-balm is a hybrid between two formulas: nourishing lip care of a balm while giving an instant radiant colour glow of the tint.

It is so comfortable and very practical to use. It is so easy to apply and it’s quick as a flash!

The packaging is so classy and unique with the YSL mark on the sides.

I really love that it gives more color to my lips not just being a transparent balm. it is just light and so natural and the color is very sheer. It is almost has a glossy effect. It Is almost like a lip gloss too.

If you have dehydrated lips, this is a good lip balm. There are also a lot of tint colors to choose from. I chose this reddish pink color number 6 because it is really similar to the natural color of my lips

Have you ever tried this lip product? Let me hear your thoughts! Thank you so much for reading! See you on my next article.

Colourpop supershock shadows

These are new to me so this is so exciting!

Colourpop Supershock shadow
Ultra metallic

This is the ultra metallic shadow called Moonwallk

this is the most gorgeous metallic shade I have ever tried. It is truly amazing.

Colourpop Supershock Shadow 
Ultra glitter

This is the ultra glitter eyeshadow called DGAF. And this is very pretty.

Here are the swatches

Moonwalk is more on the yellow shade with red specks as a duochrome

DGAF is a reddish brown with tiny gold glitters

If you are interested on my thoughts about these, check out my video, guys!

Lip Balm and Lip glosses

This is the last article in my series: make up collection.

Finally, we are done! Yey! I am so happy with how I made progress with my collection over the years. Last but not the least, may I present to you my lip glosses and lip balm.

Lip balm and lip gloss

I have never been into lipglosses, I always say that on my videos ever since I started filming about make up.

I have tried very few in the past as well, some I’ve decluttered but never once panned a lipgloss. I have finished up lipsticks but never lipglosses.

I don’t like the feel of it on my lips. I’d rather apply lipsticks. There are lipsticks out there that has a creamy or even shiny formula so I don’t think I need lipglosses. To be honest, I don’t think it is necessary.

Lip glosses

So this is the reason why I only have 2 in my items right now. I didn’t even bought these, these are given to me by my dad.

I both enjoy them so I don’t mind keeping them but like what I said I can actually live without them.

This is from Flormar this the Supershine lip gloss in Bronze Statue.

Flormar is a brand under a direct selling brand called Stanhome.’It is made in Turkey. This actually surprised me. I like it. And it’s incredible to me!

Here is the second one which is quite new. It’s from Bella Oggi Italia gloss royale in 04 Venus Pink.

Again another lip gloss that I don’t mind keeping. It is really good and the shade is so pretty. It adds a little bit of pink on my lipstick. I already said that I am more into pinks and nudes rather than reds, browns and peaches when it comes to lip products.

I like lipbalms though. These are more important I think. They are necessary for our lips’ hydration which is as important as our skin.

Lip balm

I am currently trying to finish this up as you can see I am scraping this to death hahahah

This is Nutritic Levres from my favourite brand La Roche-Posay. I didn’t plan on buying this, but I saw it beside the cash register at the farmacia when I bought something. And I lit up because La Roche Posay is a brand that I adore. So I just picked it up. I am really glad I did! It is a wonder like all of the other products.

And i bought a back up! This is another lip care item again from La Roche-Posay. This I wanna try because of my good experience of the Nutritic.

I have yet to try this as you can see, it is still in the box. Once I am done with the other lipbalms, I will for sure share my experience with you.

And then my dad gave this to me so I have another one to try. This is new. The brand I am not familiar with but of course I am curious if this is gonna be good.

Yves saint laurent is the one that i keep inside my pouch. I carry that pouch with me in my bag always. So when I need a lip balm I have this.

Yves saint laurent tint lip balm

This is also almost gone. I still want to scrape the product lol just for the sake of finishing it. Guys, this is high end and I paid a lot for this. So I’m just gonna get every ounce of the product hahahaha.

The formula is not my jam. I am gonna be honest with you. I have tried other lip balms from other high end brands and this is not the one. I think it is pretty oily on the lips. I don’t like that I look like I ate something oily hahaha imagine that.

And so it kinda confused me because it feels like the formula is a middle ground between lip balms and lip glosses. And like what I said I like proper hydration but the feel of similarity with lipglosses is not the best for me.

I do appreciate though that it has a bit of color. I really like it a lot. The aesthetic of the product and the packaging is amazing. But it is not something I will purchase again.

That’s it! It’s a wrap!

Again, I am really happy with what I have. I can now enjoy the makeup items more. Next year, I would have to deal with these again, somehow, for the ones that I will keep.

Guys, I now realize that even though I love make up, I know that I only have one face. Unless I’m gonna freelance again or even then. I want to make it a point not to waste products.

Just continue using what you have or what you enjoy and it’s a great feeling, I promise you.

I’ve had a huge collection in the past and I don’t want to go back to that. I just want simple and minimal.

I want minimal but meaningful

Thank you for reading the make up collection series. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share in the comments what are the make up products you have in 2021 that you think is important for you. Let me know. Share your thoughts!

Eyeshadow palettes and Singles

eyeshadow collection
urban decay
wycon cosmetics
mac cosmetics
lorac pro
kat von d holographic eyeshadow 
nabla cosmetics
make up geek 
pupa milano
marc jacobs
natasha denona
deborah milano
My current eyeshadow collection

Finally! We are on the eyeshadows! Yey!

As you can see, I don’t have much! All I want you to know is that I have religiously used my eyeshadows through the years.

For now, as of 2021, and as we near the end of the year, this is where I am at.

viseart bridal satin palettte
lorac pro palette
wycon cosmetics palette
My depotted single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes

I am gonna start off with my Nars magnetic palette. I also want to mention that I have magnetic palettes because I used them back in my kit. But now, I have decreased my items like what I said so I am able to depot some of my palettes and I combined some with the single eyeshadows.

I only have a few single eyeshadows. I really do prefer palettes to be honest with you except maybe MaC Pro because Mac as used by most Professional Make up Artists, they offer palettes in which you can put in the single eyeshadows that you prefer to be able to build the palette. Aside from Mac, I have purchased and have been able to try out the following:

Wycon Cosmetics

-I have a couple of colours, these are numbers 10 peach and 85 green. I must say that these are huuuuge. And I have tried the peach shade as a blush. But it isn’t that great for the cheeks Lol But it’s perfect for the eyes. I use it a lot for my crease. While the green shade, I barely touched it. I don’t know why I got the colour because it is not easy to use at least not for a natural everyday look. The formula is nice, not really long lasting in my opinion but blends well. It is not that pigmented but you can build it up.


-I have the shade Virgin Island. This is the first and probably the last Nabla make up item I will ever try. I guess I was just curious. But the brand doesn’t really inspire me at all. It is made in Italy who ‘s able to dominate the international scene. Despite that fact that I don’t care that much about the brand, this shade is amazing. I like it a lot. But then again, it is not a shade which is easy to use. The formula is nice. It is more vibrant if you use your finger rather than the brush to apply it on the lid.

Make up Geek

-this is pretty neutral. The shade is called mesmerized fouled eyeshadow. And I have had this shade in some of the palettes that I own, and that is the main reason why I haven’t reach for it that much. So I cannot really comment about it apart from the fact that the shade is really pretty and a natural everyday colour. So this is really nice to use as an overall eyeshadow for the lid. It is made in the USA and make up geek became well known because of youtube.


– I bought these mainly for my kit. I have one single eyeshadow called carbon that I depotted from the single eyeshadow packaging. And I own the pro palette and unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it. I only got five single refills.

  • Sour lemon yellow
  • Cobalt purple
  • Kelly green
  • Electric eel matte blue
  • Fresh water dark blue

These are not that cheap that is why I can’t let them go. Again these are shades that are pretty normal shades except for the green and yellow. Unless you do a colorful look.

I used to like these. I don’t know about the formula, but maybe because they are getting old that the pay off isnt that great anymore. As a result, I don’t reach for them that much. I mean, I pulled them out of my kit meaning to use them for myself but wasn’t inspired to.

KVD holographic palette

-this is a palette that I truly sincerely love. It is the curiosity that got me. During that year, KVd exploded. I wanted to buy lots of her items, but the only one that I could afford was this palette LOL honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I couldn’t justify the price of her foundation, eyeliner, etc. she is not high end but not cheap either. And during that time I already had foundations that I love. I saw this at the store and I fell in love. If you are curious, I also reviewed this in my channel

The packaging is gorgeous and unique. The palette has 4 shades inside. And it can be used for both eyes and cheeks as a highlighter. And that is to me a bonus. The colours are so beautiful and holographic but, I never thought of using purple, blue and green on my cheeks hahaha pink is acceptable as a cheek highlighter but the other shades aren’t. I love using these for the eyes. I hit pan on the other 3 and got rid of them as they were old already and this is the only remaining shade that I kept because I want to hit pan on it as well. I am keeping it until then.

Lorac Pro

-this is what I want to say, if you are looking for a perfect neutral palette. I mean, P-E-R-F-E-C-T, I highly do recommend this. It has everything, from white to black, to lighter shades and darker shades, you have mattes, transition shades, crease shades, outer v shades, you have a glitter, you have shimmers, from gold to copper, I mean, it is all in there. Whoever created the colour story is genius. I have never tried a lot of palettes I must tell you, but in just one look, this is the one.

I have this for quite sometime now. And the pigmentation is still insane. All of the eyeshadows, no exception, all of them are long wearing! If I will have a complaint, it is too powdery. But with the pay off, I don’t even care, you can always tap your brush, be light-handed, clean the fall outs afterwards. It is a bit of a nuissance but I can control it after all. I kind of suspect that they are pressed pigments but it doesn’t say that they are. My overall review is that the palette is gorgeous, some of the eyeshadows I practically finished and some I hit pan on. These are the only remaining shadows that I want to pan before letting them go.

Urban decay palette

-This is the third palette that I have ever owned from urban decay. And I like the formula, it is almost at par with the quality of the Lorac palettes. The packaging is gorgeous but it is too bulky that is why I decide to depot the eyeshadows and just get rid of the packaging. I didn’t want to but I had to. I didn’t have a lot of space in my drawer. And this is a palette that I don’t intend to keep for a long time. These aren’t really my shades. I only bought this because of my kit. So I’m still gonna keep these until I would hit pan on them. This is not budget-friendly and I got this only because of the sales.

Viseart bridal satin palette

-This palette is suuuuuper expensive guys. I wouldn’t have bought this in another life LOL if I wasn’t building up my kit, I wouldn’t even have considered this. Viseart palettes are expensive but there is a reason why this is the go-to brand of the professional make up artists. This is what you call a professional brand in line with Mac Cosmetics. I would be honest with you, I actually prefer these eyeshadows over Mac.

These are mainly shimmers that are dispensable for doing wearable natural make up looks.

I highly do recommend this.

Again, it pains me to get rid of the packaging because it is also part of the cost. But I do want to combine this with my other eyeshadows.

Now let’s discuss the other eyeshadow palettes that I have.

Viseart petite pro 1

-same goes with this palette, it’s as good as the bridal satin palette. I love this palette especially during travel. This is so small and cute easy to carry and put inside the make up bag. It has a small mirror. The shades are perfect for an everyday effortless look. It includes black, white, gold mattes and shimmers. It’s a reduced version of the Lorac Pro palette imo.

Natasha Denona mini sunset palette

-this is a mini that I got mainly because of wanting to try a Natasha Denona eyeshadow formula. The brand is expensively wow. Now I want to give my two cents about this. Maybe because of the mini version, I don’t know if the quality is much low because of the price point. But the formula is meh. The mattes are amazing but the shimmers and metallic is not long wearing, they look great on the lid but don’t last at all. So this is a no for me. The hype is too much in my opinion.

Marc Jacobs style eye-con no.3 106 the rebel

-the rebel palette packaging is sleek and elegant. Very luxurious. It’s even encased in a pouch with a mini applicator included. The formula is good but not great, blends well, dry formula, not powdery at all. This looks sophisticated if you ever bring this with you. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times in my channel,I like bringing this with me during travels back when there isn’t Covid yet. It is either this or the viseart palette. I use these shadows both for the eyes and the face. The darkest as an eyeliner, the fuscia as a blush and the lightest as a higlighter.

Pupa Milano haute couture miss butterfly cofanetto trucco

-this is new to me. And this us actually new. It is still inside the box so I haven’t tried this yet. So.. no comment! I’ m just gonna let you know in the future!

Deborah Milano color symphony palette

-the original packaging is sooo bulky! So I depotted them all and it wasn’t difficult because they are removable and that inside the kit is another smaller palette in which you can compose the colors that you like. Beauty and Bliss magnetic palette is my personal palette. So I decided to fit them all in there plus the mini palette which is actually cute.

The formula is not pigmented at all. I had to dip in my brush really hard to get the color. It’s a shame cause the mattes actually lasts long. The shimmers are not really shimmers though LOL

Deborah Milano small palette

Another palette from Deborah Milano. The formula is consistent with the other palette, packaging is also bulky. I really am not impressed. These are not expensive at all, Deborah Milano is a local brand made in Italy but the quality is almost quite there especially the mattes but there is something missing and not appealing, maybe the packaging or the colour story, it is just too much.

Urban Decay Moondust palette

Last but not the least, the tantalizing: moondust palette from Urban decay.

Do you see how beautiful it is! If you are into glitters, guys, this is a-ma-zingly beautiful. I can’t recommend this enough. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to have a glitter glue with this. This is kinda messy to apply just like all loose glitters or pressed glitters. But it’s just amazing. There’s just no words to describe it. The theme is moondust! And it really is celestial in that sense. Oh heavens! If it is still available I would tell you to try this but unfortunately, it is not anymore.

Even if I’m not gonna use this palette maybe I’ll keep it just for a remembrance!

So those are the eyeshadows that I own as of this year. If you’ve reached the end, thank you for reading and I will see you again on my final two articles about my make up collection series. Ciao!

Concealer and Foundation

This is the second part of my make up collection series. And now I’m gonna share with you all of the concealers and foundations that I currently own.

Let’s talk about concealers.

I used to conceal a lot of the imperfections on my face. In my other articles, I already mentioned that I’ve got lots of skin issues. I have sensitive skin, very oily and acne prone. Not to mention I’ve got large pores LOL. I know right. I am really unfortunate. And so I used to use lots of concealers.

Now in my 30s, after a long acne medication, I think my skin improved compared to when I was in my 20s. Thus, I’ve minimized the usage of concealer.

I currently own 3.

Maybelline New York Instant Anti-Age, Wet n Wild photofocus concealer, Bella Oggi Italia Cover me concealer

Out of these 3, I bought only 1, which is the Maybelline Instant Anti Age concealer. This is in the shade 12 nude. It is my all time favourite concealer. I have finished a ton of this in the past. And to this day I still continue to repurchase it again and again despite the fact that I have tried others.

The other 2, both Wet n Wild concealer and Bella Oggi Italia are given to me by my dad. I am really grateful because I get to try them. Both aren’t the right shade for me though LOL.

I only tried the Wet n Wild Photofocus concealer once. And I had a good experience about it as a first impression. I guess I need to use it more to be able to draw a conclusion. This is in the shade Medium Tawny and it is leaning towards orange, it is actually good to use as a corrector if you have dark undereyes. To be honest I don’t have undereye problems so I need to use this together with another concealer to be able to make it work.

Bella Oggi Italia cover me concealer in 02 light. It is really light! I wasn’t able to use it alone (I looked like a ghost lol). I had to use it together with my Maybelline Concealer.

I have to insert this in between because these palettes I use them both as concealer and foundation.

The smaller ones are from Mac Cosmetics. It is a concealer palette designed for Pro Make Up Artists. I carried this in my make up kit when I was freelancing back in the day. And I kinda used them as foundation too.

These are called Pro Conceal and Correct Palette. I have the Dark palette which has the following shades: NC45, NW45, NC50, NW55,OCHRE, PURE ORANGE. While the Medium palette has: NC30, NW25, NC35, NW35, MID-YELLOW, MID-PEACH.

The RCMA Palette is just… amazing! You guys, there is a reason why Pro Make Up Artists love this brand. The formula of the foundation is just so beautiful and long wearing. I carried these 2 back then in my make up kit. When I stopped freelancing, I’ve gifted all of the other foundations to a classmate back at the make up school but these, I just couldn’t give these away. So they remained and I started to use them for myself.

I have VK # 10 which includes foundation shades from medium to dark and VK # 11 has more lighter shades.

If you are a Pro MUA I highly recommend these palettes!

Let’s move on with the other foundations!

I dedicated a whole article about this make up item. This is the Moschino x Tony Moly Chic Skin cushion with spf 50+ in 02 Chic Beige. Just recently, I am able to finish up the first cushion. So this is the second one now. When I bought it, this has another cushion refill included. I am truly satisfied I am making a good use out of it as this is getting old.

To be honest, I purchased this because of the packaging. Laughable. I know! Don’t come for me! I’ve always bought products based on the product itself not the packaging. But I couldn’t resist because it looks really elegant, do you agree? Kinda reminds me of the Lancome cushion foundation which is all sleek and black. But another thing that caught my attention is the hand mirror included. Another LOL. Mind you, this is also a limited product. And I’ve never tried any cushion make up item so I was really curious.

This is obviously made in Korea. It’s a collaboration between Moschino and Tony Moly. I am perfectly aware of the complexion products that they use are always leaning towards lighter skin tone as korean skin is super fair.

That is the main problem. It is too light for me. And d*** the formula isn’t it!

I’ve always thought that cushion foundations have a really hydrating formula. I thought I would be able to make it work for my oily skin but unfortunately I got no luck.

So now, I use it more like a primer haha. I apply this only on my cheek area because the finish is amazing and it kinda polished up my large pores. Afterwards, I apply another foundation of my choice on top of it.

I didn’t have luck with stick foundations as well. These 2 are not the right shade for me that’s why I’ve always had difficulty in using them.

I originally purchased the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Make Up because I love the Double Wear Stay in Place formula. And since the foundation has a glass bottle, I figured I wanted to try this instead because it is really easy to carry inside the make up pouch especially if I am travelling. But omg! Covid happened and yeah well… you already know… haven’t gone travelling in a while.

By the way, this is in the shade 3W1 Tawny, it’s really similar in my skin tone but it’s kinda light when I apply it on the face. I need to use this more because this, too, is getting old. I don’t want to waste an Estee Lauder product.

I don’t know what to say about the Lancome Teint Idole ultra wear stick foundation in 055 Beige Ideal. I just tried it recently this year though I purchased this a couple of years ago. It was still in the original packaging untouched inside my drawer. Again, wrong shade, it is dark so I had to use it as a contour cream, which in fact I am not a fan of.

There’s not really a lot of product in the stick so I will try my best to use it more if I won’t be able to finish it.

Bella Oggi Italia Aqua Me
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fresh Wear
Estee Lauder Double Wear 
Make Up For Ever Mat velvet
Nars sheer glow
Dior Backstage Face & Body

These are the other foundations, particularly liquid foundations that are in my collection.

Both Bella Oggi Italia and L’Oreal Paris are quite new. My dad gave them to me late last year. It is awesome to be able to try them out even though I didn’t purchase them. Both are hydrating foundation.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Freshwear really surprised me because it sat well on top of my oily skin! And… finally.. the right shade for my skin tone!!! yey!!!this is 140 Golden Beige. I highly do recommend this!!! I used to like the Infallible Matt foundation that they came out with years before this but this is another level of formula. You have to try it to believe it!

Bella Oggi Italia Acqua Me City Barrier Foundation in 02 Natural Beige claims to be a hydrating foundation praben free and fragrance free. Unfortunately this isn’t the right one for me, I tried it a couple of times with powder and setting spray but no. I’m gonna give this to my mom, maybe she will like it.

I have 2 matifying foundations targeted towards oily skin: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make up spf10 in 1N2 Ecru, and Make Up For Ever Professional Paris Mat Velvet+ in #55

Make Up for Ever is actually a Pro MUA brand. I used to carry a few items in my kit back then. And this is one of them. I pulled this out of my kit and didn’t give it away because I thought I could use it for myself unfortunately it is too orange and it’s just impossible to mix it with my other foundations no matter how light they are. This is now super old. I held on to it because I really thought I could make it work but I guess I just have to let it go. I’m gonna declutter it from my collection at the end of the year.

I’ve already mentioned earlier that I super love Estee Lauder stay-in-place make up. I’ve finished lots of bottles of this in the past. The only downside is that I cannot seem to get the right shade lol. But I promise you, the formula is incredible. If you have oily skin, you will love this!

Another foundation that I truly love is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I have the shade Medium 3 Stromboli. This is not a foundation for oily skin but I made it work by mixing it with my Estee Lauder Foundation. The matifying effect of ELDW combined with the sheer glow effect of Nars is just the perfect finish and perfect longevity at least for me, for my problematic oily skin. Even though I have sensitive skin, these two favourites didn’t ever give me any problems! If you have normal to dry skin, well, Nars sheer glow is gonna be for you!

Last but not the least, the remaining one is from Dior Backstage. This is actually a face & body foundation. I have the shade 4WO. This is similar to MAC Face &Body, it’s a product highly used for runway make up. Well, Dior created their own.

It’s really tough because I actually like the finish. I don’t use foundation on my body though. But I can’t deny that it is beautiful. I just had difficulty applying this on my face because of my sensitive skin. I break out EVERYTIME. I tried to mix this with my other foundations like ELDW or NARS with which my skin has no problem with, but.. it is wierd that even though I put in just a tiny bit, it affects my skin soooo badly. I have itchiness… redness.. and all that stuff. So.. yeah. I really am always afraid to use it. So I guess I am gonna hold on to it until the end of the year and I just have to let it go.

I apologize because this is long. But if you arrived here at the end of this article, I appreciate you.

Hoping that my experience with these products will help you decide if you ever want to try them.

My collection is really small, I used to have a lot because of make up school and freelancing.. but now I am really proud of myself because I am able to minimize them.

I will see you again on the next part of this series. Thank you for stopping by! Ciao!

Red lips

I am not a fan of reds when it comes to lip products.

I’ve said this time and time again in my youtube videos.

Red lips is not for me.

I always thought it is elegant. I see other women who can sport this color with no problems at all. And it looks good on them I am almost jealous.

Personally, I don’t find it very attractive on myself. I look in the mirror and all I see is an exaggeration of color.

But today I will make an exception.

Actually no, I take that back. This whole month is an exception.

Because one of the make up items in my make up basket is a red lip product.

It’s the Nars red velvet lip pencil in Cruella.

Red lips

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