Vitamin C GoDay

I started taking Vitamin c effervescent tabs last year when I started practicing yoga last year. I thought to myself that I wanted to take more care about my health. Plus I really like the taste of this. It’s practically a lemon juice in the form of tabs.

Go Day Vitamin C Lemon flavor 20 effervescent tabs
Go Day Vitamin C

This is the brand called GoDay. It’s a typical vitamin c tab that you can find at the grocery store. To be exact I found it on Todis, a supermarket just across the street where I live. It is actually a discount store from which you can buy grocery products at affordable prices.

This tab is lemon flavor. with 20 tabs inside. It is adviced to take 1 tab each day which has 180 mg of vitamin c.

Go Day Vitamin c

First of all lemon is not my favourite flavor. I prefer orange. But in the end, I don’t really mind. Second I’ve always thought 1 each day is excessive. I mean, it’s just me. I’ve never ever taken anything in my entire life. Except vitamins when I was a kid. So during my adult life I never believed in vitamin intake. And how I was wrong not to. These stuff will always help depending upon the lifestyle ad diet that you have. I always try to be careful and not exaggerate at all times. So I decided I’m gonna take these only twice a week, wednesday and sunday after my workout routine.

It really works for me that way.

I know it is just a vitamin. It shouldn’t be harmful even if I take it everyday. But still.. I just want to be simple when it comes to my health.

Now in my 30s I’ve become more aware of what my body needs and how I should take care of my health.



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