You all know what is going on with my skin. I have discussed most of the skin care items I have tried to fight this skin issue.

This is the current oil detergent that my dermatologist prescribed me. It is appropriate for everyday use. Just like the cream that is also prescribed to me, this is so delicate and I can practically feel it under the shower. It is very light and less foamy than the usual oil detergent as it protects the lipids of epidermis and physiological ph of the skin.

The formula doesn’t include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is used for giving foaming effect to lots of toiletteries therefore the detergent is less irritating to the skin. And it doesn’t contain conservatives and perfume.

It contains purifying and antimicrobial physiology. It washes off respecting skin balance, removes impurities and prevents skin dryness being oil.

The reason behind the formula is why it is prescribed to people with intollerance to common detergents and who are highly allergic.

Ceramol 311 olio detergente 
Ceramol 311 oil detergent face-body

This can be used on both face and body, advised to be massage in the wet skin until attaining a very soft foam. And then rinse thoroughly.

This is very ideal for sensitive and delicate skin types.

Ceramol 311 olio detergente 
Ceramol 311 oil detergent face-body 400ml

I have been using this for over a month now. I still am very observant about the effects of this on the skin. This detergent is so light that I can’t even tell I have been under the shower Lol. And even though it is oil, it is not slippery at all and I like that it is creamy.

Disclaimer this is a prescribed detergent so please seek advice from your doctor before trying this product. I am just writing about my experience upon using the product.

What is your current detergent as of this moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!


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