Olive Oil

Olive is a plant originated from Caucaso diffused in middle orient and in the mediterranean.

It is an oval-shaped fleshy drupe with a seed at its core. It’s green in color becoming black as it matures.

The production here in Italy is mainly concentrated in southern regions like Sicily, Calabria and Puglia, and a minority in Liguria and Toscana. They are distinguishrd for the oil variety, the smaller they are the higher the yield and also table variety, the larger they are the fleshier. They all vary in taste and aroma.

Olives has the following minerals:

  • Potassium- helps the heart
  • Sodium
  • Iron- is also very abbundant and maintains red blood cells production which benefits the circulatory system therefore preventing anemia
  • Calcium- helps in bone health
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphor
  • Zinc
  • Rame

The following are also present in olives:

  • Vitamin A- for eyesight and skin
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants- contrasts and prevents cellular ageing which prevents tumors like colon, breasts and stomach.
  • Amminoacids

It’s anti virus properties can hinder hepatitis . It is renowned to be antimicrobial for gastric ulcers and it is anti inflammatory.

Let us take a look at the nutritional facts of Green olive 100 g

  • 77 g water
  • 15 g fats
  • 0,8 g di protein
  • 1 g carbohydrates
  • 3 g fiber

Calorie is 115kcal per 100g

Green olives are used as appetiser and is used for bread and other baked stuff like focacce. Black olives only has very minor quantity of carbohydrates and is more digestive than the greens and
just a little bit higher in lipids and calories.

The unsaturated fats contributes to lowering cholesterol levels in the blood thereby preventing cardio and circulatory diseases. They also help the digestive system that is why adding virgin oil or extravirgin olive oil will help intestinal functions and treat indigestion when it is added on to a dish.

Olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil that I transfered in a used spray bottle of j&j oil

I want to proceed and share my thoughts about olive oil now which is the center of this article. I love eating olives but the oil I just discovered is a real deal, too!

My closest friend gifted me olive oil last christmas which came from his own olive plantation. And he already did actually gifted me some in the past too. I love it because it is all fresh and I know how they produce it. Now I am really grateful because when my skin started acting up, this oil also helped me very well.

I did already talked about this in some of the skin care articles I wrote. My skin started to develop some rashes and redness last autumn. I did buy some stuff in the pharmacy, too. I have discovered a good brand because of this.

But I have always been very simple and natural when it comes to treatments. If I can avoid a drastic measure thus availing medicines, I would. I mean, why not if it works, right? Although of course it is not always adviseable depending upon the problem. It is always imperative to consult a professional in the end. Something that you think might solve the problem won’t instead will worsen your condition.

This is just my own opinion, disclaimer, please before you opt for this, make sure you understand the risks or be mindful of what might be the consequences. Do your research and ask your doctor, even, in this case your dermatologist if it is ok. But for me, I am just talking about my experience.

Even the smallest redness, olive oil was able to calm and depuff the skin. It diminished the itchiness that I have been experiencing. Aside from the other ones that I bought from the pharmacy, I have been very loyal to this day and night and I must say it worked wonders.

This isn’t a treatment though I do declare that so we cannot expect this to have a long term effect or to even solve the skin problem.

I don’t know about commercially produced olive oil but If you have fresh extravirgin olive oil at your disposal, just try it first on small portion of your skin. You will feel that it is hydrating and soothing. My skin is so soft and smooth too. I superlike it.

Plus it has no strong scent like the ones they sell on supermarkets that is why I am really surprised about the difference!

My articles are divided into categories and to be honest I don’t know where to classify this. Maybe both? As I love eating olives too! So you might find this in food, health and skincare!

Thank you so much for reading!



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