Dexeryl® is an emollient cream which should be applied to the skin in case of persistent dryness, both pathological and fisiological. It can be utilised alone or with accompaniment of other therapy as indicated by the doctor or pharmacist.

pierre fabre dermatologie
emollient cream
Dexeryl Pierre Fabre Dermatologie 500g

Dexeryl Emollient is very useful to chronic inflammatory skin pathology presenting signs like important xerosis like atopic dermatatis.
This emollient, associated with pharmacological therapy prescribed by doctor is an optimal help to:

  • reduce dryness
  • better the skin’s health
  • reduce itchiness sensation
  • prevents the allergic substance to penetrate the skin

This is useful for hydration and it resets the skin barrier

The restoration of the skin’s barrier permits to reduce the frequency of exacerbations which in turns help to elevate the impact on the quality of life of the patients.

Skin dryness is not only a pathological problem. senile xerosis is an event most frequent and is connected to the fisiological decreasing of the quantity of water in the skin because of ageing.
It is important to treat this type of xerosis to prevent skin lesions scratching injuries and annoying complications.

The main ingredients are:

  • 15% Glycerol
  • 8% Vaselline
  • 2% Liquid paraffin

The technology of this skin product is best explained on the website. Water combined with glycerol is now available to the skin surface (saturated glycerol). While the film-forming substances (paraffin e vaselline) will stabilize water to the skin and limits the evaporation.

This simple mechanism makes Dexeryl a product useful for different forms of persistent xerosis.

Dexeryl® cream has no perfume and it is paraben free.

The cost and packaging format is adequate for long term use. My dermatologist prescribed me the 500g bottle with dispenser and it is sufficient for at least one month use of treatment.

This is actually a Medication CE 0459. So it is imperative to ask your doctor or most likely it should be prescribed by a health care professional. It is also important to read the instruction for use.

pierre fabre dermatologie
emollient cream
Dexeryl- dispositivo medico

I have loved the brands- and still do! I won’t change my thoughts about them- that I have discussed in my articles and I am grateful for the pharmacists that has given me the advice. But for now, with my dermatologist following my skin issue, Dexeryl is of course a life-changing product.

Again, disclaimer, this is absolutely not an over-the-counter product so it is best to ask your doctor. I am just sharing here with you my experience. And the treatment has helped my skin a lot more than the others in a span of 15 days!

I can now sleep peacefully without scratching my skin. I don’t experience itchiness anymore. And no redness and no rough skin patches are present in the areas of my skin anymore. I am using this for 15 days now and it sure does show lots of improvements within a short period of time.

For now, I will follow the indications of my dermatologist and I will let you know for sure what will happen.

Thank you for reading!



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