Lip Balm and Lip glosses

This is the last article in my series: make up collection.

Finally, we are done! Yey! I am so happy with how I made progress with my collection over the years. Last but not the least, may I present to you my lip glosses and lip balm.

Lip balm and lip gloss

I have never been into lipglosses, I always say that on my videos ever since I started filming about make up.

I have tried very few in the past as well, some I’ve decluttered but never once panned a lipgloss. I have finished up lipsticks but never lipglosses.

I don’t like the feel of it on my lips. I’d rather apply lipsticks. There are lipsticks out there that has a creamy or even shiny formula so I don’t think I need lipglosses. To be honest, I don’t think it is necessary.

Lip glosses

So this is the reason why I only have 2 in my items right now. I didn’t even bought these, these are given to me by my dad.

I both enjoy them so I don’t mind keeping them but like what I said I can actually live without them.

This is from Flormar this the Supershine lip gloss in Bronze Statue.

Flormar is a brand under a direct selling brand called Stanhome.’It is made in Turkey. This actually surprised me. I like it. And it’s incredible to me!

Here is the second one which is quite new. It’s from Bella Oggi Italia gloss royale in 04 Venus Pink.

Again another lip gloss that I don’t mind keeping. It is really good and the shade is so pretty. It adds a little bit of pink on my lipstick. I already said that I am more into pinks and nudes rather than reds, browns and peaches when it comes to lip products.

I like lipbalms though. These are more important I think. They are necessary for our lips’ hydration which is as important as our skin.

Lip balm

I am currently trying to finish this up as you can see I am scraping this to death hahahah

This is Nutritic Levres from my favourite brand La Roche-Posay. I didn’t plan on buying this, but I saw it beside the cash register at the farmacia when I bought something. And I lit up because La Roche Posay is a brand that I adore. So I just picked it up. I am really glad I did! It is a wonder like all of the other products.

And i bought a back up! This is another lip care item again from La Roche-Posay. This I wanna try because of my good experience of the Nutritic.

I have yet to try this as you can see, it is still in the box. Once I am done with the other lipbalms, I will for sure share my experience with you.

And then my dad gave this to me so I have another one to try. This is new. The brand I am not familiar with but of course I am curious if this is gonna be good.

Yves saint laurent is the one that i keep inside my pouch. I carry that pouch with me in my bag always. So when I need a lip balm I have this.

Yves saint laurent tint lip balm

This is also almost gone. I still want to scrape the product lol just for the sake of finishing it. Guys, this is high end and I paid a lot for this. So I’m just gonna get every ounce of the product hahahaha.

The formula is not my jam. I am gonna be honest with you. I have tried other lip balms from other high end brands and this is not the one. I think it is pretty oily on the lips. I don’t like that I look like I ate something oily hahaha imagine that.

And so it kinda confused me because it feels like the formula is a middle ground between lip balms and lip glosses. And like what I said I like proper hydration but the feel of similarity with lipglosses is not the best for me.

I do appreciate though that it has a bit of color. I really like it a lot. The aesthetic of the product and the packaging is amazing. But it is not something I will purchase again.

That’s it! It’s a wrap!

Again, I am really happy with what I have. I can now enjoy the makeup items more. Next year, I would have to deal with these again, somehow, for the ones that I will keep.

Guys, I now realize that even though I love make up, I know that I only have one face. Unless I’m gonna freelance again or even then. I want to make it a point not to waste products.

Just continue using what you have or what you enjoy and it’s a great feeling, I promise you.

I’ve had a huge collection in the past and I don’t want to go back to that. I just want simple and minimal.

I want minimal but meaningful

Thank you for reading the make up collection series. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share in the comments what are the make up products you have in 2021 that you think is important for you. Let me know. Share your thoughts!



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